In Hinduism, (Sanskrit: स्वर्ग) Svarga (or Swarga) is set of heavenly worlds located on and above Mt. Meru. It is a Heaven where the righteous live in a paradise before their next reincarnation. Svarga is seen as a transitory place for righteous souls who have performed good deeds in their lives but are not yet ready to attain moksha, or union with Brahman, which requires enjoyment of all the soul's punyam (virtuous deeds) as well as abstinence from pāpa (sin). The capital of Svarga is Amaravati and its entrance is guarded by Airavata. Svarga is presided over by Indra, the chief deva.

This is a "Good and nice" kind of purgatory where the soul enjoys all its Punya karmam before attaining God head, or rebirth according to its Karmam.

In Slavic religion Svarga is Heaven, the residence of god Svarog.

ee also

* Jumala- the thunder abode of the ruling deity of the Finnish pantheon.
* Naraka

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