Urucu-Manaus pipeline

Urucu-Manaus pipeline

The Urucu-Manaus pipeline will be convert|670|km|mi|-1 long natural gas pipeline in Brazil. It will allow use of the natural gas from Urucu, which is the largest ground natural gas reserve in Brazil. The gas will be used to substitute diesel and fuel oil currently used for the electricity production in the state of Amazonas. The pipeline is operated by Transportadora Urucu-Manaus S.A., a subsidiary of Petrobras.cite news
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The pipeline consists three sections. The current liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) pipeline from the production facility in Urucu to Coari will be switched to carrying natural gas, while parallel to this a new convert|285|km|mi long convert|10|in|mm|-1 LPG (GLPduto) pipeline will be constructed.cite news
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] The second section connects Coari and Anamã and third section connects Anamã-Manaus.

Technical features

The pipeline is scheduled to become operational in April 2008. In the first stage of its operation, the pipeline is transporting 17 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas per annum.cite web
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] The initial capacity of the pipeline is 20 bcm of natural gas per annum.cite web
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