::"For the Kushan king, see Vasudeva I. For the book by Narendra Kohli, see Vasudeva (book)."::"Not to be confused with IAST|Vāsudeva, a name of Krishna."

In Hindu mythology, Vasudeva (Devanagari _sa. वसुदेव, IAST "IAST|Vasudeva") is the father of Krishna, the son of IAST|Śũrasena, of the Yadava dynasty. His sister Kunti was married to Pandu. The patronymic "IAST|Vāsudeva" (with long "ā") is a popular name of Krishna.

Related to this name is an early religion, sometimes called Bhagavatism that was largely formed by the 4th century BC where "Vāsudeva" was worshiped as the supreme Deity in a strongly monotheistic format, where the supreme Being was perfect, eternal and full of grace.Harvnb|Hastings|2003|p=540-42]

The name forms part of a famous Krishna mantra also known as a "twelve syllable mantra", which believed to be the earliest mantra from pre-reformation times, pre-dating sectarian divisions in Vaishnavism- (IAST IAST|"oṁ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya"), it is translated as "Om, reverence to the adorable son of Vasudeva".Harvnb|Hastings|2003|p=547]

Vasudeva married Devaki, the sister of Kamsa, and he was also the father of Krishnas sister Subhadra. He also took a second wife, Rohini, who bore his eldest son, Balarama. According to some accounts he also had several other children by other wives.

Vasudeva and Devaki spent most of their early adult life behind bars in the deepest pits of darkness as ordered by Kamsa. Vasudeva was known for his consistent approach to life and his virtue of being a truthful person, never uttering a lie during his lifetime. After Kamsa was killed by Krishna, Vasudeva was installed as the Crown-Prince of Mathura under the reign of Devaki's uncle, King Ugrasena.

The name is from "vásu" "good" and "deva" "deity". The Vasus are a group of eight Vedic deities.

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