Canadians of Spanish descent

Canadians of Spanish descent

Infobox Ethnic group
group = Spanish Canadian
Hispano Canadiense

poptime = Spanish 213,105 Canadians (2001)
estimated up to 0.7% of Canadian population
popplace = Ottawa·Toronto·Montreal
langs = Canadian English·Spanish·Catalan language
rels = Predominantly Roman Catholic·Protestant·Jewish minority
related = Hispanics·Italian·Portuguese·

Canadians of Spanish descent are also known as Spanish Canadians, and in Spanish as Hispano Canadienses.

The population of Canadians of Spanish descent is 213,105 and this was taken from the 2001 census.

Spanish Canadians are mostly concentrated in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

ee also

*Spanish American
*Spanish Brazilian
*Spanish Briton
*Spanish Filipino

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