NATO summit

NATO summit

A NATO summit is a summit meeting that is regarded as a periodic opportunity for Heads of State and Heads of Government of NATO member countries to evaluate and provide strategic direction for Alliance activities.[1]

NATO summits are not regular meetings like the more frequent NATO ministerial meetings, but rather are important junctures in the alliance’s decision-making process on the highest level. Summits are often used to introduce new policy, invite new members into the alliance, launch major new initiatives, and build partnerships with non-NATO countries.

List of NATO summits

From the founding of NATO in 1949, there have been a total of twenty-four NATO summits; the last of which was the 2010 Lisbon summit held in November 2010. Only the traditional summits have received an official number, thereby excluding the exceptional summit of 2001 in NATO headquarters[2]

Summit Date Host country Summary / Highlights
1 1957 Paris summit December 16–19, 1957 France Paris, France
2 1974 Brussels summit June 26, 1974 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
3 1975 Brussels summit May 29–30, 1975 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
4 1977 London summit May 10–11, 1977 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom First simultaneous summit with G7
5 1978 Washington summit May 30–31, 1978 United States Washington, D.C., United States
6 1982 Bonn summit June 10, 1982 West Germany Bonn, West Germany
7 1985 Brussels summit November 21, 1985 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
8 1988 Brussels summit March 2–3, 1988 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
9 1989 Brussels summit (May) May 29–30, 1989 Belgium Brussels, Belgium 40th anniversary of NATO
10 1989 Brussels summit (December) December 4, 1989 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
11 1990 London summit July 5–6, 1990 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
12 1991 Rome summit November 7–8, 1991 Italy Rome, Italy
13 1994 Brussels summit January 10–11, 1994 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
14 1997 Paris summit May 27, 1997 France Paris, France
15 1997 Madrid summit July 8–9, 1997 Spain Madrid, Spain
16 1999 Washington summit April 23–25, 1999 United States Washington, D.C., United States 50th anniversary of NATO
2001 NATO Headquarters summit April 23–25, 2001 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
17 2002 Rome summit May 28, 2002 Italy Rome, Italy
18 2002 Prague summit November 21–22, 2002 Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic First summit in a former Warsaw Pact country
19 2004 Istanbul summit June 28–29, 2004 Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
20 2005 NATO Headquarters summit February 22, 2005 Belgium Brussels, Belgium
21 2006 Riga summit November 28–29, 2006 Latvia Riga, Latvia First summit in a former Soviet republic
22 2008 Bucharest summit April 2–4, 2008 Romania Bucharest, Romania Croatia and Albania invited to join the alliance
23 2009 Strasbourg-Kehl summit April 3–4, 2009 France Strasbourg, France
Germany Kehl, Germany
60th anniversary of NATO
24 2010 Lisbon summit November 19–20, 2010 Portugal Lisbon, Portugal [3] [4]
25 2012 Chicago Summit May 15-22, 2012 United States Chicago, Illinois, United States Second simultaneous summit with G8.[3] [4]

Source: NATO, Summits & Ministerial Meetings

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