Free State of Oldenburg

Free State of Oldenburg

Infobox Former Subdivision
native_name = "Freistaat Oldenburg"
conventional_long_name = Free State of Oldenburg
common_name = Oldenburg|
continent = Europe
country = Germany
era =
subdivision = State
nation = Germany
government_type = Republic
year_start = 1918
year_end = 1946
event_start =
date_start = 1918
event_end =
date_end =
p1 = Oldenburg (state)
flag_p1 = Oldenburg_Flagge.jpg
s1 = Lower Saxony
flag_s1 = Flag of Lower Saxony.svg
s2 = Schleswig-Holstein
flag_s2 = Flag of Schleswig-Holstein.svg
s3 = Rhineland-Palatinate
flag_s3 = Flag of Rhineland-Palatinate.svg

image_map_caption = Location of Oldenburg within Germany
capital = Oldenburg|
stat_pop1 = 545172
stat_area1 = 6427
stat_year1 = 1925
The Free State of Oldenburg was a state of the Weimar Republic. It was established in 1918 following the abdication of the Grand Duke Frederick Augustus II following the German Revolution.

In 1937, it lost the exclave districts of Eutin near the Baltic coast and Birkenfeld in southwestern Germany to Prussia and gained the City of Wilhelmshaven; however, this was a formality, as the Hitler regime had de facto abolished the federal states in 1934.

By the beginning of World War II in 1939, as a result of these territorial changes, Oldenburg had an area of km2 to mi2|5375|abbr=yes and 580,000 inhabitants.

After World War II, Oldenburg was merged into the newly founded state of Lower Saxony as the administrative region (Regierungsbezirk) of Oldenburg, both of which became a part of West Germany.

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