Li Xiucheng

Li Xiucheng

Infobox Military Person
name=Li Xiucheng
born=birth date|1823|0|0|df=y
died=death date and age|1864|8|7|1823|1|1|df=y
placeofbirth=County Turn(藤縣), Guangxi, Qing Empire
placeofdeath=Jiangning District, Nanjing, Qing Empire

caption=Li Xiucheng
nickname= Philanthropist
allegiance= Qing Empire (to 1849)
Taiping (to 1864)

rank=Field Marshal
battles=Eastern Front
*First rout the Army Group Jiangnan(1856)
*Second rout the Army Group Jiangnan(1860)
*Battle of Shanghai (1861--1863)
*Battle of Cixi(1862)
*Determined battle of Northern Jiangsu(1863)
*Battle of Suzhou(1863)
*Third Battle of Nanking(1864) Western Front
*Second Battle of Wuhan(1854)
*Battle of Sanhe(1858)

awards=King of Zhong|laterwork=

Li Xiucheng (李秀成, 1823---August 71864), eminent military leader of the Taiping Rebellion, and known during his military tenure as the King of Zhong (忠王)(means loyalty because the Qing general attempted to bribed him to kill Hong Xiuquan, but he refused and told Hong Xiuquan and his many wins that made Hong very happy ) and "Loyal Prince Lee" by Western Sources. He served loyally under Hong Xiuquan's Taiping Administration, led Taiping forces to many military victories. He was executed by Zeng Guofan after interrogation in 1864,Li is the most important general and soul person for post-Taiping Rebellion.


econd rout the Army Group Jiangnan

The Army Group Jiangnan(江南大營) were Qing military encircle the Nanjing in strategy, It has two times, the second encircle that Qing military putin 200,000 soldiers from March 1858, but it had been routed by Li Xiucheng in May 1860 and occupied rich Jiangsu Province all except shanghai.

2 times attack Shanghai

Escaped from Suzhou:Sadness

Li Xiucheng' Mansion built in Suzhou where was the only one of Taiping Rebellion that exists today,In July 1863, Li ordered his daughter' husband Tan SauGuan take over control Suzhou. but Li Hongzhang leaded the Why Army combined by the "Ever Victorious Army," which, having been raised by an American named Frederick Townsend Ward, was placed under the command of Charles George Gordon. With this support Li Hongzhang gained numerous victories leading to the surrender of Suzhou.

Determining battle:lead defend capital Nanjing

Chiang Donkey

The Chiang Donkey(蔣驢子) was Li Xiucheng stable manager. Before the Nanjing fall down 3 months in 1864, Li Xiucheng took his wealth included much treasure to Chiang Donkey, and wanna Chiang took it leave out Nanjing quickly and watting Li Xiucheng at somewhere. Chiang promised and took treasure by 20 horses and cows car, but Li executed at last. Chiang Donkey became the first rich in Nanjing after civil war.

It could explained Chiang Kai-shek and Li Zongren some secret relation by Buddhism passed 60 years.


In "Zhong Prince Li Xiucheng Describes Himself" (《忠王李秀成自述》), the autobiographical account of a prince of the Heavenly Kingdom written shortly before his execution(Pseudohistory saying Li was suicide admitted by Zeng Guofan gave Li a sword because Zeng respect Li, even Li Hongzhang had been read this describes and praised Li Xiucheng was a hero on a letter to Zeng).


*Li Ronfar Battle of Shanghai (1861)

‎Li Xiucheng had three daughters, their husbands were Taiping‘s generals:
*Tan SauGuan
*Chen Binwen


Tiān Guó Zwi(天國志)

[] Li photo look so sad and blue hero []

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