Age of Reason (disambiguation)

Age of Reason (disambiguation)

Age of reason may refer to the following:

* 17th-century philosophy, as a successor of the Renaissance and a predecessor to the Age of Enlightenment
* Age of Enlightenment in its long form of 1600-1800
* "The Age of Reason", a book by Thomas Paine
* "Age of Reason", a 1988 album by John Farnham containing the song "Age of Reason"
* "L'âge de raison", by Jean-Paul Sartre
* Cult of Reason, a brief time in 1793-4 during the French Revolution
* Age of reason (canon law), in the Roman Catholic Church, the age, usually around seven or eight years old, when children are considered capable of understanding and participating in the sacraments.
* In psychology, the age where a child is capable of carrying on complex conversation with an adult, usually around seven or eight years.

ee also

* The Age of Unreason, a series of four science fiction novels by Gregory Keyes.

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