Democracy Promoters' Network

Democracy Promoters' Network

The Democracy Promoters' Network [DPN] is a non-profit and non-governmental organization in Canada. Its mission is to unite Canadian activists working together to further democracy and promote the influence citizens have over their governments in all corners of the globe. Founded upon the belief that grassroots activism offers a powerful and effective way for Canadians to help other countries become healthy functioning democracies, the network attempts to draw together Canadians who have been involved or would like to get involved in this field. As a non-partisan group with members across Canada, it offers a forum in which Canadians can share their experiences, exchange views, and keep up to date with recent developments.


DPN was founded by a group of Canadian practitioners of democracy promotion who joined forces in 2006 to support greater Canadian involvement in the field. The group shared the view that the work of Canadians internationally was not being acknowledged back home and that Canadians have an even greater role to play. Concurrently, Canadian Parliament has started outlining its vision of Canada's role in democracy promotion.

Current work

DPN is currently involved in rallying support for a central Canadian democracy assistance organization that would enable a Canadian presence in the application of large-scale international intervention for countries in the transition to democracy. Unlike the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in the United States, and similar organizations in several European countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, Canada has yet to form a Democratic Institute that would work to promote democracy internationally.

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