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official_name = Vinnytsia
native_name = Вінниця
other_name = (Vinnytsya, Vinnitsa, Vinnica)
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Vinnytsia Oblast
Vinnytsia City Municipality
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established_date = 1363
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leader_title = Head of City

leader_name = Volodymyr Borysovych Hroysman
area_magnitude =
area_total_km2 = 60.94
area_land_km2 =
area_water_km2 =
population_as_of =
population_note =
population_total = 350400|population_footnotes=
population_metro =
population_density_km2 = 5066
latd=49 |latm=14 |lats=0 |latNS=N
longd=28 |longm=29 |longs=0 |longEW=E
elevation_m =
|postal_code_type=Postal code
postal_code = 21000-
area_code = +380 43
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blank1_info = Birmingham|blank1_name=Sister cities|, Alabama|Birmingham, Kielce, Peterborough, Rîbniţa (Rybnytsia)
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Vinnytsia ( _uk. Вінниця, "Vinnytsya") (also known by other names) is a city located on the banks of the Southern Buh River, in central Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Vinnytsia Oblast (province), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Vinnytsky Raion (district) within the oblast. The city itself is also designated as its own separate raion within the oblast, and rests in the historic region of Podillia.

The current estimated population is 350,400.

Since the end of World War II, Vinnytsia has been the home for a major Air force base, including an airfield, a hospital, arsenals, and other military installations. The Ukrainian Air Force Command has been based in Vinnytsia since 1992.


Vinnytsia is also known by a variety of other names, such as Vinnytsya, Vinnitsa ( _ru. Винница) and Vinnica ( _pl. Winnica). Some of these reflect names in foreign languages that have had historical influences on the city.


Vinnytsia is located about convert|260|km|mi|abbr=on from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev ("Kyiv"), convert|429|km|mi|abbr=on from the port city Odessa ("Odesa"), and convert|369|km|mi|abbr=on from Lviv.


A long lasting warm summer with a sufficient quantity of moisture and a comparatively short winter is characteristic of Vinnytsia. The average temperature in January is -5.8 °C and 18.3 °C in July. The average annual precipitation is 638 mm.

Throughout the year, 6-9 days per year include snowstorms, 37-60 days of the year include mists during the cold period, and 3-5 days include thunder storms with hail.


Vinnytsia has been an important trade and political center since as early as the sixteenth century. More specifically, the city played a significant role during the Cossack wars as well as during World War II. Great Purge victims' graves were exhumed by the Germans in 1943.

Adolf Hitler sited his easternmost headquarters "FHQ Wehrwolf" near the town and spent a number of weeks there in 1942 and early 1943.


* TV Tower Vinnytsia
* Baptist Church -- Vinnytsia is home to what is reportedly one of the largest Evangelical Church Buildings in all of Europe.
* Afghan War Museum and Slavic War Memorial Park -- The Afghan War Museum is located in the red-brick bell tower. Exhibits include photos, letters and other artifacts representing Vinnytsia soldiers who fought in that war. The Memorial Park contains a large statue representing three different soldiers from WWII. An eternal flame burns in front of the statue.

Famous people from Vinnytsia

* Alexander Lerner - Soviet-Israeli cybernetic and dissident.
* Mykhailo Kotsybyns’ky - Ukrainian author of novels and short stories. His home is a museum.
* Nikolai Pirogov - famous Russian doctor who retired here. His home is a museum and his chapel tomb is open to visitors.
* Pavlo Khnykin - famous freestyle swimmer. He won two silver medals in the men's 4x100m freestyle and 4x100 m medley relays at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Twin towns

* Kielce, Poland.
* Peterborough, England, United Kingdom.
* Birmingham, United States.
* Iaşi, Romania.
* Rybnitsa, Moldova.
* Bursa, Turkey.

ee also

* Vinnytsia massacre
* Wehrwolf
* Vinnytsia tram
* FC Nyva Vinnytsia
* TIK (band)

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