TCF7L2 also known as TCF4 is a protein acting as a transcription factor. A variant of the protein is linked to higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes.


TCF7L2 is a transcription factor influencing the transcription of several genes thereby exerting a large variety of functions in the cell. It is a member of the Wnt signaling pathway. Stimulation of the pathway leads to the association of β-catenin with TCF7L2 and BCL9 in the nucleus, which in turn results in the activation of Wnt target genes.

Disease implications

TCF7L2 is implied in a large variety of diseases. Several single nucleotide polymorphisms are associated with type 2 diabetes. In European populations it was found to be a major determinant of type 2 risk.

A frameshift mutation of TCF7L2 is implied in colorectal cancer. Variants of the gene are most likely involved in many other cancer types. See PubMed GeneRIFs for more information [] .

Further reading

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Extgernal links

* TCF7L2 here called TCF4 features on this Wnt pathway web site: [ Wnt signalling molecules] [ TCFs]
* Structure determination of TCF7L2: [ PDB entry 2GL7] and related publication on [ PubMed]
* PubMed GeneRIFs (summaries of related scientific publications) - []
* Weizmann Institute GeneCard for [ TCF7L2]

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