Delta Sigma Xi

Delta Sigma Xi
Delta Sigma Xi
Founded February 14, 1971
Manila, Philippines
Type Friendship, Brotherhood and Academics
Scope International
Motto Strive like a lion
Chapters 25
Headquarters Quezon city, M.L.Q.U chapter, Philippines

Delta Sigma Xi, Inc. (ΔΣΞ) (also Delta Sigma Xi) is a confraternity that was established at the Manuel Luis Quezon University (MLQU), Philippines in 1971. Built on the idea of brotherhood or unity, its numbers soon grew and so did its boundaries. Soon chapters were formed at other major universities and schools all over the three major islands of the Philippines and outside of the country.



The mission of the Delta Sigma Xi con fraternity is to promote brotherhood, friendship, and service for our members and the community based upon the ideals set fourth by our founders and as the specifically enunciated in our chapter.


Its started in the Philippines in the year 1971 of February 14. A group of students built this con fraternity to fight back against the administration of late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. They use the newspaper to write against the power of the president. But then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law that cause many Filipino people to join a strike out. To removed the president on hes position in the Malacanang Palace. In that year many people died and robbed protester assassinated in the street in Manila. Then Delta Sigma Xi was born in the school of Manuel .L Quezon University. This aim of the confraternity is to get rid of the power of Marcos. Until the power of Marcos has removed. The Delta Sigma Xi spread around the Philippines in to different places. Like Metro Manila, Ilocos Norte, Baguio, Zambales, Visayas and also in Mindanao. The group became a true symbol of brotherhood that many people willing to join and experienced the power of brotherhood and sisterhood


Delta Sigma Xi goals are to promote academic betterment and respect for all culture and brotherhood. We have set out to accomplish this goals through responsibility intellectual and social action. By working in the community, our fraternity hopes to not only provide service, but to all also change the image of Fraternity and provide positive role models in the community. We have grown one of the oldest fraternity in the Philippines. Since our interception, we have established 25 chapters around throughout the three major islands of the Philippines and continue growing. Our fraternity has a deep respect for all cultures, and cultivate a strong brotherhood. In essence, we hope to raise the social, education, and cultural conscience of the college student. We set out to accomplish these goals through responsibility intellectual and social action. Furthermore, by working in the community , Delta Sigma Xi hopes to provide service and enchange the image of all its members and the community..

We exist these reasons

  • To assist in the moral, spiritual and academics betterment of the member in the particular and the student in the university in general
  • To develop the traits of leadership in all the members by encouraging a fervent devotion to study and to develop individual ability
  • To provide training opportunities for leadership and cooperation among its member.

• To develop skill and talent of every member by designing projects and activities to improve her/his talent and skills.

  • And uphold and protect the honor, name, and reputation of the organisation and University.

Link Website

[1] Delta Sigma Xi Ilocos Norte Chapter

[2] Delta Sigma Xi International Chapter

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