Sparti (municipality)

Sparti (municipality)

Infobox Greek Dimos
name = Sparti
name_local = Σπάρτη

caption_skyline =


districts =
mayor =
party =
since =
elevation_min = 210
elevation_max =
periph = Peloponnese
prefec = Laconia
population = 18184
population_as_of = 2001
area = 84.5
lat_deg = 37
lat_min = 4
lon_deg = 22
lon_min = 26
postal_code = 231 00
area_code = 27310
licence = ΑΚ
website =

Sparti ( _el. Σπάρτη) is a municipality of Laconia, Greece. It lies at the site of ancient Sparta. The population in 2001 was 18,184, of which 14,817 lived in the town itself.


Until modern times, the site of Sparta was occupied by a relatively small village that lay in the shadow of Mystras, a more important medieval Greek settlement nearby. In 1834, after the Greek War of Independence, King Otto of Greece decreed that the village was to be rebuilt into a city on the site of and bear the same name as ancient Sparta (pronounced "Sparti" in Demotic Greek, "Sparta" in Tsakonian).

The modern town of Sparta was designed with the intention of creating one of the most beautiful cities in Greece through the use of tree-lined boulevards and parklands. During the monarchy, the title of Duke of Sparta was used for the Greek crown prince, the διάδοχος ("diádokhos").

At present, Sparta is the administrative capital of the prefecture of Laconia. A Laconian Doric (Spartan) language known as Tsakonian survives in the Laconian region of Peloponnese into the modern era, although today its number of native speakers has significantly decreased.

Sparta is the center of an agricultural plain whose focus is the Eurotas valley. It is the local center for the processing of goods such as citrus and olives.

Notable people

*George Hermonymus (15th century) scribe, diplomat, scholar and lecturer
*Angelos Basinas (1976) footballer


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