HMS Smiter (P272)

HMS Smiter (P272)

HMS "Smiter" is an "Archer"-class patrol and training vessel of the British Royal Navy.

On being accepted into service she served the Clyde Division of the Royal Naval Reserve until 11 October 1990. She then transferred to the University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) of Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities to replace HMS "Attacker", which had been called into service in Cyprus during the Gulf War.

Students from the URNU get the chance to go away on sea weekends or sea days on the ship where they learn how to handle and navigate the ship under the watchful eye of the ships permanent RN crew of 5. The ship also goes on twice yearly deployments, at Easter and in the summer.

The ship is based at HMS "Neptune", HMNB Clyde during the week.

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