Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Infobox Single
Name = Ticket to Ride

Artist = The Beatles
from Album = Help!
B-side = "Yes It Is"
Released = 9 April 1965 (UK) 19 April 1965 (US)
Format = 7"
Recorded = Abbey Road Studios 15 February 1965
Genre = Rock
Length = 3:10
Label = Parlophone (UK) R5265
Capitol (US) 5407
Writer = Lennon/McCartney
Producer = George Martin
Chart position = * #1 (UK Singles Chart)
* #1 (US Billboard Hot 100)
* #1 (CAN CHUM Chart)
Last single = "I Feel Fine" (UK-1964) --- "Eight Days a Week" (US-1965)
This single = "Ticket to Ride" (1965)
Next single = "Help!" (1965)
Misc = Extra musicsample |filename=The_Beatles_-_Ticket_to_Ride.ogg |format=Ogg |title=Ticket to Ride |Type=singleExtra tracklisting
Album = Help!
Type = studio
Tracks = ;Side one
# "Help!"
# "The Night Before"
# "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"
# "I Need You"
# "Another Girl"
# "You're Going to Lose That Girl"
# "Ticket to Ride";Side two
# "Act Naturally"
# "It's Only Love"
# "You Like Me Too Much"
# "Tell Me What You See"
# "I've Just Seen a Face"
# "Yesterday"
# "Dizzy Miss Lizzy"

"Ticket to Ride" is a song by The Beatles from their 1965 album, "Help!". It was recorded 15 February 1965 at Abbey Road Studios and released two months later. RS500S|384

The song was written primarily by John Lennon (credited to Lennon/McCartney), with Paul McCartney's contributions in dispute. Lennon said that McCartney's contribution was limited to "the way Ringo played the drums".cite book |first=David |last=Sheff |title=All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono |year=2000 |pages=196 |publisher=St. Martin's Press |location=New York |isbn=0-312-25464-4] McCartney said that was an incomplete response, and that "we sat down and wrote it together... give him 60 percent of it... we sat down together and worked on that for a full three-hour songwriting session."cite book |first=Barry |last=Miles |authorlink=Barry Miles |title=Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now |year=1997 |pages=193 |publisher=Henry Holt & Company |location=New York |isbn=0-8050-5249-6] Lennon said the double-time ending section (with the lyric "My baby don't care") was one of his "favorite bits" in the song.cite book |first=David |last=Sheff |title=All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono |year=2000 |pages=196] This song was also the first song by the band in which McCartney was featured on lead guitar.

Meaning of "ticket to ride"

The inspiration of the song is unclear, and several plausible explanations exist:
*"a British Railways ticket to the town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight" (McCartney to Barry Miles)

*"a girl riding out of the life of the narrator"cite book |first=Steve |last=Turner |title=A Hard Day's Write |pages=80]
*a phrase coined by John about the cards indicating a clean bill of health, handed out to Hamburg prostitutes in the 1960s (Don Short to Steve Turner) (the Beatles played in Hamburg early in their musical career, and "ride/riding" being slang for having sex)

Other explanations Fact|date=February 2007 attribute the song to the experience of Lennon's mother leaving the family when he was a child, and the possibility that Lennon was exposed, perhaps by Little Richard in Hamburg, to the Negro spiritual "If I Got My Ticket, Can I Ride?".

A popular myth (perpetrated by Casey Kasem) was that the song was written and recorded as "Ticket to "Rye"," but the official name of the song was changed for the sake of American and international listeners who would not understand the reference to the town in East Sussex, England.


"Ticket to Ride" was released on 9 April 1965 in the UK and 19 April in the U.S.with "Yes It Is" as its B-side, topping the Hot 100 for a week in the US and the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in the UK. The original single's label declared that the song was from the United Artists release "Eight Arms to Hold You". This was the original title of The Beatles' second movie; the title changed to "Help!" after the single was initially released.cite book |first=Bill |last=Harry |title=The Beatles Encyclopedia: Revised and Updated |year=2000 |pages=1074 |publisher=Virgin Publishing |location=London |isbn=0-7535-0481-2]

Critical acclaim

Both Richie Unterberger of Allmusic and author Ian MacDonald describe "Ticket to Ride" as an important milestone in the evolution of the musical style of the Beatles. Unterberger said, "the rhythm parts on 'Ticket to Ride' were harder and heavier than they had been on any previous Beatles outing, particularly in Ringo Starr's stormy stutters and rolls."cite web |first=Richie |last=Unterberger |url=http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&token=&sql=33:avfpxxqsld0e |title=Review of "Ticket Tto Ride" |publisher=Allmusic |accessdate=2007-05-13] MacDonald described it as "psychologically deeper than anything The Beatles had recorded before ... extraordinary for its time — massive with chiming electric guitars, weighty rhythm, and rumbling floor tom-toms. Macdonald also notes that the track uses the Indian basis of drone which might have influenced the Kinks' See My Friends.cite book |first=Ian |last=MacDonald |authorlink=Ian MacDonald |title=Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties |year=2005 |pages=142-144 |edition=Second Revised Edition |publisher=Pimlico (Rand) |location=London |isbn=1-844-13828-3]


*John Lennon – double tracked lead vocal and rhythm guitar
*Paul McCartney – harmony vocal, bass and lead guitar
*George Harrison – harmony vocal, 12 string electric lead guitar
*Ringo Starr – drums and tambourine.:"Above credits according to Ian MacDonald"cite book |first=Ian |last=MacDonald |title=Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties |year=2005 |pages=142]

George Harrison is playing his 12-string Rickenbacker guitar.

Cover versions

After the breakup of the Beatles, Lennon proudly claimed that it was the first heavy metal song of all time; given the droning bassline, repeating drums, and loaded guitar lines. Given this notion, it seems almost ironic that the famously wholesome Carpenters covered the song as a slow ballad in late 1969 for their debut album "Offering", and the song charted as a minor #54 single on the American "Billboard" Hot 100 charts in early 1970. Hard rock pioneers Vanilla Fudge also recorded a cover version in 1967.
Hüsker Dü also covered this song live. The Fifth Dimension covered the song in 1967 on The Magic Garden album.In 1998 The Punkles did a Punk cover of this song on their first album.

Cultural references

Noel Gallagher of Oasis has called "Ticket to Ride" and "Paperback Writer" his favorite Beatles songs. [cite web |url=http://www.the-oasis.de/interviews/noel.html |title=Oasis' Noel Gallagher Wants To "Live Forever"]

An orchestral version of the song is barely audible in the fadeout at the very end of newer CD issues of the Pink Floyd album "The Dark Side of the Moon". This is probably a mistake in remastering; coincidentally both The Beatles and Pink Floyd were patrons of Abbey Road Studios.

The title of this song is a referenced to in the Red Dwarf episode Tikka to Ride, in accordance with the theme of curry on which the storyline focuses.

In a "Doctor Who" episode titled "The Executioners,", the Doctor and his companions Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, and Vicki watch the Beatles perform "Ticket To Ride" on the Doctor's recently acquired time/space visualiser. The clip shown is about 15 seconds long and was of a mime performance they gave on "Top of the Pops" very recent to the recording of the "Doctor Who" episode and is the only footage of this performance known to exist. As it is a mime performance to the original studio recording, it is feared by fans of the show that it may need to be removed when its turn for a DVD release comes up due to the rights clearances not being available. The episode transmitted on 22 May, 1965 on BBC1 and was watched by 10 million viewers.


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