Hazard (disambiguation)

Hazard (disambiguation)

A hazard is an event posing a threat to life, health, property or environment. Hazard may also refer to:

* Chemical hazard, a property of a material dangerous to human life or health
* A hazard, for instance a natural hazard, a danger or source of danger, especially one threatening human safety
* Hazard (computer architecture), a type of problem inherent in pipelined processors, including data hazard, branching hazard, and structural hazard
* Hazard (logic), a fault or glitch in a digital logic system, including static hazard and dynamic hazard
* Hazard pointer, a strategy to deal with reclaiming memory in multithreaded environments
* Moral hazard, the name given to the risk that one party to a contract can change their behaviour to the detriment of the other party once the contract has been concluded
* Race hazard, a glitch caused by timing errors
* Hazard symbol, easily recognizable symbols designed to warn about hazardous materials or locations

; People, groups

* B.J. Nilsen, a Swedish sound artist who goes by the alias Hazard
* Paul Hazard, a French historian of ideas

; Places

* Hazard, Kentucky, a city in the USA
* Hazard, Nebraska, a village in the USA and the setting of a song by Richard Marx

; Television

* The Dukes of Hazzard
* "Hazard", a Middlewight battlebot from BattleBots

; Other

* Hazard (game), a game of chance
* A water hazard or a bunker in golf
* Hazard (song), a song by Richard Marx
* Hazard function, another name for the failure rate
* Hazard (ship), a ship wrecked off Broken Bay, Australia in 1809.
* Hazard (Marvel Comics) a character in the X-Men series
* Hazard (DC Comics) a character in the Injustice Society

ee also

* Hazards, a magazine published in the United Kingdom
* Hazzard (disambiguation)
* Worker safety and health
* Precautionary statements
* Philosophy of probability

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