Sultana (title)

Sultana (title)

The term "Sultana" (Arabic: سلطانه ) is used for a few Muslim women rulers in history. It is sometimes mistaken as the title of the chief wife of a Sultan.

The most famous Sultana was Razia Sultana of India.

In Egypt, Shajarat al-Durr, a former slave of Turkic origin, was the only Sultana who ruled the country.

In the former kingdom of Touggourt (now part of Algeria) there was one sultana: Aïsha.

In Aceh, there were five Sultanas who ruled:
* Sultana Seri Ratu Nihrasyiah Rawangsa Khadiyu of Pase (1400-1427)
* Sultana Seri Ratu Ta'jul Alam Syafiatuddin Syah of Aceh (1641-1675)- daughter of Sultan Iskandar Muda the Great, and wife of Sultan Iskandar Tani. She spoke 6 languages, Acehnese, Malay, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, and Persian.
* Sultana Seri Ratu Nurul Alam Naqiatuddin Syah of Aceh (1675-1678)- god daughter of Sultana Safiatudin.
* Sultana Seri Ratu Zakiatuddin Inayat Syah (1678-1688)- god daughter of Sultana Safiatuddin.
* Sultana Seri Ratu Kamalat Syah (1688-1699)- goddaughter of Sultana Safiatuddin. Replaced by her husband, under pressure from the Mufti of Mecca.

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