New York Qin Society

New York Qin Society

The New York Qin Society (Chinese: 紐約琴社; sometimes abbreviated as NYQS) is a guqin society based in New York, New York in America, serving guqin players of East Coast of the United States. Of the three major qin societies of the West (the other two being the North American Guqin Association and the London Youlan Qin Society), this society is the most formally structured with a constitution statement and a more learned society approach to selecting members.



The society was founded in 2000 by Taiwan guqin player Yuan Jung-ping and other players.


Membership is open to qin players and ethnomusicologists who are able to attend regular society meetings and yajis throughout the year (normally, every two months) and/or have suplicated or have been nominated for membership by an existing member. There is a membership fee of $50 pa. As of 2008, there are currently 16 full members of the society [1]. The society comprises 6 officers and numerous ordinary members:


  • President: Stephen Dydo (since 2006)

An honorary position of Founding President was given to Yuan Jung-ping (post 2000 - 2005) in respect of his contributions to the society.


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