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Fixedsys Excelsior

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date=March 5, 2007; Version 3.01
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Fixedsys Excelsior is an unofficial pan-Unicode extension of the popular Microsoft font Fixedsys. The current version available now is 3.01.

In addition to the basic Latin alphabet supported by the original Fixedsys, this font supports Arabic alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet, Runic alphabet, IPA, etc., but not CJK (a complete listing of coverage can be seen below). It also contains narrow, serif, reverse, italic, cursive, and reversed (mirror image) forms of Fixedsys stored in its Private Use Area. The font is fitted entirely into the Basic Multilingual Plane, and as such, some characters with Unicode support in other planes (such as the Gothic alphabet) are instead mapped into the PUA for greater accessibility. Overall, 5,992 glyphs are covered in the typeface.

Fixedsys Excelsior 2.00 worked on Macintosh also, but 3.01 does not.

Fixedsys Excelsior is free software and appears to have been released by its author into the public domain.

Adult content

In the "private use" area of the widely distributed Fixedsys Excelsior 2.0, the font contains characters contained in few other fonts, so it is likely to be selected by Windows for displaying those character codes. In Mozilla Firefox and some other programs, this appears to be the default.

In that image range, there are images for genitalia ( ); steaming excrement (  ); and others. Because of this, some "child friendly" chat clients and Internet forums filter out these character codes, as well as the range EA00 to EAFF which allows bitmapped images to be created.

The genitalia were removed in Fixedsys Excelsior 3, though a "Now More Moist!" sign () was added.

Supported Unicode ranges

* Part of Myanmar (1000–109F): 1040–1049
* Georgian (10A0–10FF)
* Ethiopic (1200–137F)
* Ogham (1680–169F)
* Runic (16A0–16FF)
* Tai Le (1950–197F)
* Part of Phonetic Extensions (1D00–1D7F): 1D00–1D2F, etc.
* Latin Extended Additional (1E00–1EFF)
* Greek Extended (1F00–1FFF)
* General Punctuation (2000–206F)
* Part of Superscripts and Subscripts (2070–209F): 2070–208F
* Part of Currency Symbols (20A0–20CF): 20A0–20B6—Warning: Through U+20B1 to U+20B6, the glyphs are shifted next code point of the correct code point.
* Part of Letterlike Symbols (2100–214F)
* Part of Number Forms (2150–218F): Roman numerals (2160–2183)
* Part of Arrows (2190–21FF)
* Part of Mathematical Operators (2200–22FF)
* Part of Miscellaneous Technical (2300–23FF)
* Part of Control Pictures (2400–243F)
* Part of Optical Character Recognition (2440–245F): 2440–244A
* Part of Enclosed Alphanumerics (2460–24FF)
* Box Drawing (2500–257F)
* Part of Block Elements (2580–259F)
* Part of Geometric Shapes (25A0–25FF)
* Part of Miscellaneous Symbols (2600–26FF)
* Part of Dingbats (2700–27BF)
* Supplemental Arrows-A (27F0–27FF)
* Part of Braille Patterns (2800–28FF): 2800–283F
* Latin Extended-C (2C60–2C7F)
* Georgian Supplement (2D00–2D2F)
* Tifinagh (2D30–2D7F)
* Yijing Hexagram Symbols (4DC0–4DFF)
* Latin Extended-D (A720–A7FF)
* In Private Use Area (E000–F8FF), there is Tengwar, Gothic, Miscellaneous characters, narrow, serif, reverse, italic, cursive, and reversed form of Fixedsys.
* Part of Alphabetic Presentation Forms (FB00–FB4F)
* Part of Arabic Presentation Forms-A (FB50–FDFF)
* Part of Small Form Variants (FE50–FE6F)
* Arabic Presentation Forms-B (FE70–FEFF)
* Part of Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms (FF00–FFEF): Fullwidth numbers (FF10–FF19) and Fullwidth capitals (FF21–FF3A)—drawn as the small capitals
* Specials (FFF0–FFFF)

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