Islamic University of Gaza

Islamic University of Gaza

name = Islamic University of Gaza

established = 1978
native name =الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة
type = Higher Education
president = Dr Kamalain Shaath
students = 20021 [ [ About IUG ] ]
undergrad = 18974
postgrad = 1047
staff = N/A
city = Gaza
country = Palestinian territories
colors = white and green
website= []

Islamic University of Gaza (Also known as IUG, IU Gaza, or simply The University of Gaza) ,the most prestigous university in the Palestinian territories, is an independent Palestinian university established in 1978 in Gaza City, Palestinian territories. The university, according to its website, has 10 faculties capable of awarding either B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., Diploma and higher diploma in their respective disciplines [cite web
title=About the Islamic University of Gaza
] .

About The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)

The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) is an independent Palestinian institution located in Gaza. It is the first higher education institution to be established in Gaza. IUG began with three faculties in 1978 and currently has eight faculties introducing BA. B.Sc., MA, M.Sc., Diploma and higher diploma in a variety of disciplines.

Many IUG graduates obtained Masters and Doctorate degrees from international universities all over the world including top universities in Europe and North America.

IUG is a member of four associations: International Association of Universities, Community of Mediterranean Universities, Association of Arab Universities and Association of Islamic Universities. IUG has developed several academic links and signed several agreements of academic cooperation with American, European and Arab Universities. It has also conducted several projects in collaboration with local and international organizations and institutions situated in the Palestinian territories and abroad.

IUG Strategic Goals

According to the IUG's website, its strategic goals are:
*IUG seeks to be in a leading position among the Palestinian Universities through enhancing and developing higher education.
*IUG seeks to play a leading role in supporting knowledge and sciences in order to take a prominent place nationally and regionally.
*IUG seeks to strengthen its positions in society development by being the leader in coping with the community needs and building its abilities and development.
*IUG seeks to enhance its institutional performance by upgrading the University policy levels.
*IUG seeks to be an example to follow in providing facilities and services through the development of the University environment.
*IUG seeks to Support its financial stability by satisfying the balance in the University budget.

Academic System


IUG follows the credit hour system. The academic year consists of two sixteen- week semesters and an optional eight-week summer semester. Upon completing 140 credit hours, with the exception of the faculty of engineering (175 credit hours), IUG students are awarded Bachelor degrees.

Programs and awarded degrees

IUG comprises the following facilities and undergraduate programs:

*Faculty of Medicine: Medicine surgical

*"Faculty of Engineering"': After one year of intensive course work, the students choose one of the following engineering majors: Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. The Electrical Engineering includes the two submajors of communication and control Engineering
*Faculty of Information Technology: After the first year of general IT coursrwork which are strongly related to the science field, the students choose a major in one of the following majors: Computer Science, Information Technology Systems, Software Development

*Faculty of Science: the faculty of science follows the same system where student have an intesive general science coursework in their first year and choose one of the following majors for the remaining three years: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Medical Technology, Enviromintal & Earth Science, Mathematics & Computing, Chemistry-Biochemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Optometry, and Biotechnology
*Faculty of Nursing: the faculty of nursing awards a single degree in general nursing.
*Faculty of Commerce: The following majors are considered: Accounting, Business Administration with emphasis on Economics and Political Science or Banking and Finance, Economics & Applid Statistics, Accounting (In English), and Business Administration (In English)).

*Faculty of Education: where the following majors are possible: Science Education, Psychological science, Primary Education (elementary level), Psychological Counseling & Educational Guideline, Applied Science & Education Technology, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, English Language, Geography, Social Studies, History, Computer Education, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology

*Faculty of Art: Arabic Language, English Language, Geography, Journalism & Information, Journalism / Editing, Journalism & Information./Pub. Relations & Ad, Social Services, History & Archaeology, Arabic & Journalism

*Faulty of Shariah & Law: Islamic Shariah, Shariah & Law

*Faculty of Ussol Eldeen.: Usul AL-Din / General

Postgraduate Studies

The Islamic University of Gaza awards Master of Science and Master of Arts degree in the following areas and majors:
* Faculty of Engineering: the faculty of engineering awards masters in the following majors: (Civil Engineering/Infra Structure, Civil Engineering/Construct. Management, Civil Engineering/Structure, Design & Rehabilitation Of Structures, Electrical Engineering/ Control Systems, Water Resources Engineering, Civil Engineering/Construction Management.
* Faculty of Science: the faculty of science awards masters in the following majors: Mathematics, Physics, Water Resources Management. Also, the faculty of science awards masters in Biological Sciences with concentration on the following areas: Zoology, Microbilogy, Medical Technology, Botany and Mycology.
* Faculty of Commerce: The faculty of commerce awards Master of arts degree in the two main majors of Accounting and Finance, and Business Administration. The Business Administration has the following concentrations: Human Resouree Management, Marketing Management, and Financial Management.
* Faculty of Education: the faculty of education awards masters degree in the following majors: Psychology, Curricula and Methodology, Fundamentals Of Education, and Rehabilitation Sciences. The Curricula and Methodology has the following concentrations: Mathematics, Arabic Language, Sciences, English, and Instructional Technology The Fundamentals Of Education has the following concentrations: Islamic Education and Educational Administration.
* Faculty of Art: the faculty of art awards master of arts degree in the following majors: Literature, Rhetoric and Criticism, Modern History, and Islamic History.
* Faculty of Shariah and Law: awards master of art in three majors which are: Foundations Of Jurisprudence, Comparative Jurisprudence, and Islamic Jurisdicrion.
* Faculty of Ussoul Eldeen: awards master of arts in three majors which are: Hadith, Aqidah, and Quran and Its Interpretaion.

IUG Facilities:

The Islamic University of Gaza comprises a large number of scientific labs, containing the top scientific equipments and devices which are basic needs for the theoretical education process. The IUG has an effective mechanism to keep its labs up-to-date. IUG provides and expands the use of technological tools and methods in the learning process.

IUG pays special concerns in widening the use of computer through establishing large number of computer rooms for students, academic staff and researches rooms for students, academic staff and researchers. The internal facility was already provided in all IUG premises to connect them with the rest of the world facilities, especially libraries, research centers, data bases, etc.

Copyright Infringement?

The University attracted attention in Charlottesville, Virginia in July 2008 when local news magazine The Hook published an article alleging that the Islamic University of Gaza had copied the opening website of the University of Virginia [cite web
title=Copycat U: UVA fends off imitators
] .


* [ Medea’s information files: Palestinian Universities]

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