List of minor EastEnders characters (2007)

List of minor EastEnders characters (2007)

The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera "EastEnders" in 2007, by order of first appearance.

DI Kelly

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=DI Kelly
actor_name=Ian Burfield
years=2007, 2008
first= 1 January 2007
last = 29 August 2008
occupation=Detective Inspector

Detective Inspector Kelly is a police detective at Walford Police Station, who was investigating the suspicious death of Pauline Fowler and subsequently arrested Sonia Fowler following the funeral.

He was later involved in the arrest of May Wright, and arrested Phil Mitchell for suspicion of murdering his fiancée Stella Crawford. He appeared when he was investigating Jay Brown's stabbing.

He also appeared again in August 2008, investigating the suspicious death of Jase Dyer, by interrogating Billy Mitchell. He is known to be a bastard.

Adam Childe

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Adam Childe
actor_name=Matthew Ashforde
creator=Christopher Reason
appeared=8 January 2007

Adam Childe is a duty solicitor at Walford Police Station, who was assigned to represent Sonia Fowler when she was arrested on suspicion of the murder of her ex-mother-in-law, Pauline, although he first thought she was Sonia Bailey, arrested for shop- lifting. He was a nervous solicitor, and made comments about wanting to murder his mother, ironic to the situation. Sonia was relieved when Phil Mitchell paid for Ritchie Scott to represent her instead of Adam.

Anna Price

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Anna Price
actor_name=Mandana Jones
creator=Dominic Treadwell-Collins
first=15 February 2007
last=16 February 2007
occupation= Marriage counsellor|

Anna Price was the marriage counsellor for Max and Tanya Branning who appeared on 15 February and 16 February 2007. [" [ Mandana Jones in EastEnders? UPDATED] ", "Digital Spy". URL last accessed 2006-01-08]

Derek Evans

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Derek Evans
actor_name=Simon Lowe
years=2007, 2008
creator=Julia Gilbert
first=1 March 2007
occupation=Social worker

Derek Evans is the social worker who visited Bert Atkinson and his grandson Jay Brown, when Bert was trying to get a residency order for Jay to live with him permanently. Jay charmed Derek, offering him a cup of tea and talking to him politely, impressing him. He also visited Tanya Branning and her sister Rainie Cross on 10 January 2008.

He made a brief return on 10 October 2008 to sort out Jay's foster care problems when Billy Mitchell offered to care for him, as Jay didn't want Dawn Swann to be his foster mother.


Infobox EastEnders character 3
actor_name=Burn Gorman
creator=Julia Honour
appeared=9 March 2007
dod=9 March 2007

Jed was discovered by Kevin Wicks on Dungeness beach. He had been left there the night before while on his stag party. Kevin took Jed to the local pub where Jed told Kevin he was getting married the next week and had a daughter named Jade. He told Kevin he was a bad father, so Kevin told him to sort out his life. Kevin told Jed he had no children and showed him his ferry ticket to France. Jed then stole Kevin's bag and ticket and got on a bus. Kevin stole a bicycle from outside the pub to follow the bus.

When Kevin caught up to the bus, he discovered it had been involved in an accident. He got on the bus to find several dead bodies, but Jed was missing. Kevin got off the bus and Jed appeared with blood pouring down his face. Jed then fell to the floor and Kevin held him as he died.

Carl Talbot

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Carl Talbot
actor_name=Alan Cooke
creator=David Fox
appeared=20 March 2007

Carl Talbot was a bailif who was sent to claim money from Billy Mitchell, who was in debt. When Talbot arrived at Walford Video, Billy's shop, Billy lied and said that he was not Billy Mitchell. His cover was blown when Keith Miller came into the shop and called him by his name. Talbot took Billy to the ATM at the tube station, but Billy's card was retained by the machine, and after a confrontation with Billy's relative Phil outside the shop, Billy was forced to give Talbot money from the till.

Marco Bianco

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Marco Bianco
actor_name=Bart Ruspoli
creator=Alexander Lamb
first=20 March 2007
last=16 July 2007
occupation=Interior designer

Marco Bianco is the interior designer who redesigned the flat above The Queen Victoria pub for Peggy Mitchell. He worked on the design to renovate the pub itself, after Pat Evans found a flea on the bar, though the regulars thought the pub looked the same, and Peggy berated him for it.

Since then, Marco has made a few more appearances, as Peggy has picked him to do some work for Stella and Phil's wedding reception. He has also helped Patrick Trueman mend the fan of Yolande's that Patrick broke by tripping up.

Marco has also been shown to be admittedly homosexual, as he broke down crying to Peggy, when his boyfriend left him.

Danny Fuller

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Danny Fuller
actor_name=Gyuri Sarossy
creator=Richard Zajdlic
first=5 April 2007
last=30 August 2007
home=Outside of Walford
wife=Jess Fuller
daughters=Megan Fuller

Danny Fuller and his wife Jess appeared in Walford in April 2007, when they rented 55 Victoria Road from Ian Beale, when he and his family moved to 45 Albert Square. Phil Mitchell told them of the crime around Walford - the murders of Dennis Rickman and Pauline Fowler - and Danny bartered with Ian, demanding that he reduce the rent price by 30%. Ian later accepted this, and asked Danny to tell his daughter Lucy this, so she knew she could not move back to number 55.

Danny left the Square when his daughter secured a place at a private school. Danny and his family relocated to be closer to their daughter's new school.

Jess Fuller

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Jess Fuller
creator=Richard Zajdlic
appeared=5 April 2007
home=Outside of Walford
husband=Danny Fuller
daughters=Megan Fuller

Jessica "Jess" Fuller and her husband Danny appeared in Walford in April 2007, when they rented 55 Victoria Road from Ian Beale, when he and his family moved to 45 Albert Square. Phil Mitchell told them of the crime around Walford - the murders of Dennis Rickman and Pauline Fowler - and Ian had to reduce the rent price by 30%.

Vince Franks

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Vince Franks
actor_name=Jamie Kenna
creator=Richard Zajdlic
appeared=6 April 2007
home=89a George Street
sons=Jez Franks

Vince "Vinnie" Franks was the father of school bully Jez Franks. He was attacked by Phil Mitchell after Jez bullied Phil's son Ben. When Phil first approached Vince, he seemed sceptical about his son's bullying, so Phil punched him, threatening to attack him again if Jez didn't lay off Ben.

Mary Lavender

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Mary Lavender
actor_name=Regina Freedman
creator=Christopher Reason
appeared=9 April 2007

The Reverend Mary Lavender was the vicar for the church that Dot Branning used to attend with her friend, Margot Baker. She had been the vicar since 2000. When Dot and her husband Jim visited Kent, Dot went to the church and Reverend Lavender informed her that Margot had died two weeks previously. She told Dot that Margot's son Douglas was at Margot's house, and Dot visited him.

A young refugee named Anya Covalenco left her son Tomas in the church for Reverend Lavender to take in, but Dot took him back to Walford because Mary was on holiday.

Douglas Baker

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Douglas Baker
actor_name=Paul Kaye
creator=Christopher Reason
dob=circa 1964
appeared=9 April 2007
mother=Margot Baker

Douglas Baker is a former vicar who lost his faith in God. His mother, Margot, was friends with Dot Branning. He was also a former playmate of Dot's son Nick, until Nick put a frog down his trousers. Margot died in March 2007, and Douglas was clearing out her house when Dot visited him. They argued about religion, and Dot reminded Douglas of his mother. He told Dot he was glad his mother was dead, and said that Nick would feel the same when she died.

Anya Covalenco

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Anya Covalenco
actor_name=Olga Fedori
creator=Diederick Santer
first=9 April 2007
last=13 April 2007
dob=February 1985
occupation=Pole dancer
sons=Tomas Covalenco

Anya Covalenco was a Ukrainian illegal immigrant, a pole dancer who abandoned her month-old baby, Tomas, in a church in Kent for vicar Mary Lavender to look after. Dot Branning later found the baby, and knowing Reverend Lavender was on holiday, took Tomas back to Walford, leaving a note in the church with her address on it. Dot's husband Jim went to a pole dancing club, finding a flyer for it with Tomas, to track Anya down, but was told she no longer worked there by a hostess he spoke to. As Jim travelled back to Walford, Anya turned up at Dot and Jim's house. After shouting at Dot for interfering, Dot offered her a place to stay, and she accepted. Jim, however, did not agree with this, and reported her to the immigration authorities. Immigration arrived and Jim told Dot what he had done. Dot took Anya and Tomas out of the house and hid them in the back of her car. Dot returned to the house and told immigration that there was nobody there and it must have been a hoax. Dot and Jim then took Anya and Tomas to a church, believing it to be a sanctuary where they would be safe. The immigration officers followed them to the church, where Dot said Anya and Tomas would be safe in a room at the back of the church and could live there. Dot confronted the officers, Paul Jenkins and Warren Rice telling them it was a sanctuary and they couldn't go through. Rice told Dot she was wrong about this. Anya eventually decided to give herself up, but told Jim to take care of Tomas as she now trusted them. She later wrote to Dot in June 2007, telling her to care for her son - not knowing that Tomas is now up for adoption, when Dot realised that she cannot bring up baby Tomas.

Tomas Covalenco

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Tomas Covalenco

actor_name=Dylan Woolf
Tyler Woolf
creator=Diederick Santer
first=9 April 2007
last=8 June 2007
dob= 28 February 2007
mother=Anya Covalenco

Tomas Covalenco was abandoned on 9 April 2007 by his mother, Anya in a church in Kent, and found by Dot Branning, who believed that Jesus had given her a second chance to be a good mother, after she aborted a baby at 21, and her son Nick grew up a criminal. Dot left her address on a notice board in the church, and Anya arrived in Walford to collect her son on 10 April. She was later arrested by immigration officials Warren Rice and Paul Jenkins for being an illegal immigrant, but didn't tell them she had a baby, leaving him with Dot and Jim. Jim later told his family that Tomas was the product of an affair between Nick and a prison nurse with no maternal instincts. He was then known as George Merton, until Dot was persuaded by Reverend Stevens and her oldest friend, Harold Legg to tell Social Services that she had him. He was collected on 8 June by social worker Natasha Powell.

Paul Jenkins

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Paul Jenkins
actor_name=Simon Quarterman
creator=Sarah Phelps
appeared=13 April 2007
occupation=Immigration official

Paul Jenkins was an immigration official, acting on a tip-off from Jim Branning, who searched 25 Albert Square for illegal immigrant Anya Covalenco. When Dot Branning returned home, after hiding Anya, she asked him to leave. He later followed Jim, Dot and Anya to a church, where he branded Dot a "religious nut", and was told to back off by his superior, Warren Rice. He later took Anya away when she gave herself up, not knowing she had left her son Tomas with Jim and Dot.

Warren Rice

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Warren Rice
actor_name=Ewan Bailey
creator=Sarah Phelps
appeared=13 April 2007
occupation=Immigration official

Warren Rice was a senior immigration official, acting on a tip-off from Jim Branning, who followed Jim, Dot and illegal immigrant Anya to a church, where he berated his junior, Paul Jenkins when he branded Dot a "religious nut". He then explained to Dot that under British law, churches are not a sanctuary.

Verity Wright

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Verity Wright
actor_name=Amanda Ryan
creator=Diederick Santer
first=1 May 2007
last=28 May 2007
sisters=May Wright

Verity Wright is the sister of Walford's former general practitioner, May Wright. She visited May with her two children on 1 May 2007, when she found the nursery in May's flat meant for Dawn Swann's baby, presuming May was pregnant. [" [ Dot's secret's in danger] ", "". URL last accessed 2007-05-07.] She later visited May on her birthday, and was shocked to find out that Rob had filed for divorce from May. [" [ May's torment] ", "". URL last accessed 2007-05-07.] She returned once more on 28 May to visit May and give her a present for the baby she thinks she is having.


Infobox EastEnders character
actor_name=Goran Kostic
creator=Diederick Santer
first=7 May 2007
last=15 June 2007

Erek was a Polish builder who first appeared on 7 May 2007. Ian Beale was annoyed by him and the other builders, and when a feud broke out between Ian and Phil Mitchell, Erek helped Phil to humiliate Ian. He later started a relationship with Shirley Carter but it ended when Shirley's son Deano spoke badly about her, Erek punched him and Shirley then punched Erek.

Warren Stamp

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Warren Stamp
actor_name=Will Mellor
creator=Alison Fisher
first=28 May 2007
last=31 May 2007

Warren Stamp was a salesman who asked Preeti Choraria out on a date after trying to sell her supplies at Booty. He assaulted Preeti on a date leaving distinct bruises on her arm. A day later he went on a date with Carly Wicks where he put drugs in her drink in an attempt to rape her. She was rescued by Sean Slater, and Warren ran away.

Natasha Powell

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Natasha Powell
actor_name=Natasha Gordon
creator=Rob Gittins
first=7 June 2007
last=8 June 2007
occupation=Social worker

Natasha Powell was the social worker who arrived in Albert Square to collect Tomas Covalenco from Dot and Jim Branning's house, after Dot phoned Social Services and told them that Tomas was the baby of an illegal immigrant, Anya. Dot ran away to Harold Legg's house, but later returned and handed Tomas over to Natasha.

ummer Swann

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Summer Swann
actor_name = Daisy Fitter (2007)
Abbie Hackworth (2007)
Harry Swash (2007)
Isabella Hegarty (2007—)
Rebecca Hegarty (2007—)
creator=Diederick Santer
years = 2007—
first = 21 June 2007
dob = 19 June 2007
home = 89b George Street
mother= Dawn Swann
father=Rob Minter
grandfathers= Mike Swann
grandmothers= Rosie Miller
great grandmothers= Nora Swann
uncles=Mickey Miller
Darren Miller
aunts=Demi Miller
great uncles=Clint
great aunts=Susan
cousins=Aleesha Miller

Summer Swann is the daughter of Dawn Swann and Rob Minter. She has previously been played by on-screen uncle Joe Swash's son, Harry Swash, [" [ Enders star on being TV mother] ", "The Sun". URL last accessed 2007-10-28.] Abbie Hackworth [" [ Toxic sofa burns TV star baby] ", "The Sun". URL last accessed 2008-06-11.] and Daisy Fitter, but is now played by twins Isabella and Rebecca Hegarty. [" [ Isabella & Rebecca Hegarty] "]

Summer was born on 19 June 2007 after her mother Dawn prematurely went into labour whilst on a train. Dawn made it to the hospital, where she safely delivered Summer with her best friend Carly Wicks by her side.

Dawn initially found it hard to bond with Summer as she still wanted to go out partying. However during a trip to Brighton in August 2007 with Summer and Garry Hobbs, Dawn finally accepted responsibility for her daughter and vowed to become a proper mother. As January 2008 approached Summer saw her mother begin a relationship with builder Jase Dyer, and she also began modelling for catalogues after Dawn took her to an audition. Dawn was still committed to the idea of Summer being a model and entered her for the "Beautiful Baby" competition that took place at the Queen Vic on her first birthday. Dawn covered Summer in fake tan for the competition, which she later took an allergic reaction to, and at the end of the day she was named runner-up.

Also on Summer's birthday in June 2008 May Wright returned to Walford, intent on taking Summer away from her family. May had been married to Summer's father Rob when she was conceived during an affair Rob had with Dawn and May, being unable to bear children, had never quite gotten over it. Upon seeing Summer in fake tan May branded Dawn a terrible mother before attacking both her and her brother Mickey and then trying to make her escape with Summer, who she called Sophie. However Mickey rescued Summer from May and as they took refuge upstairs a devastated May committed suicide by blowing the house up. Mickey then tried to throw Summer out the window so she could be caught but when he fell unconscious he dropped her, but she was luckily caught by Jase and eventually Mickey and Dawn were rescued and they were all taken to hospital. Summer was declared healthy once checked on by doctors.

More tragedy struck for Summer's family when her mother's fiancé Jase was murdered by members of a gang he used to run about with on 26 August 2008. Recently Dawn, Summer, Jase and his son Jay had been living at 89B George Street after the fire but with the flat being cordoned off by police, Dawn and Summer moved in with Garry temporarily whilst Jay resided in a foster home. However being in Walford proved too much for Dawn and by the end of the month she and Summer left Walford in order to visit the rest of their family in the Cotswolds. On 6 October Dawn returned to Walford for Jase's funeral, leaving Summer behind in the care of her grandparents Rosie and Keith.

Kenny Morris

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Kenny Morris
actor_name=Ryan Philpott
first=25 June 2007
last=27 November 2007
occupation=Police officer

Police Constable Kenny Morris is a police officer who was called to Shirley Carter's flat when a party was getting out of hand. He broke up a fight and was almost hit by Shirley. He ended up staying the night and having sex with Shirley.

In November 2007, Kevin Wicks sold him a stolen car. When Darren Miller told Kevin that the car was stolen and that Kenny was a police officer, they stole the car and set it on fire.

Marion Crawford

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Marion Crawford
actor_name =Ann Firbank
years = 2007
appeared = 29 June 2007
status =Married
husband =Edward Crawford
daughters =Stella Crawford
Catherine Crawford

Marion Crawford was the mother of Stella who appeared when Stella and her fiancé Phil Mitchell visited Marion and her husband Edward to announce their engagement. She apologised for her husband's absence, lying that he was out playing golf. Phil, however, saw Edward hiding in another room. While Phil was out of the room, Marion told Stella that she shouldn't be left alone with Phil's son Ben, and blamed her for the death of her other daughter, Catherine. After Phil and Stella left, Phil pretended to go back to the house to retrieve his lost phone, but instead confronted Edward for hiding from Stella. Marion then revealed that Catherine had died in Stella's care.

Edward Crawford

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Edward Crawford
actor_name = David Quilter
years = 2007
appeared = 29 June 2007
status =Married
occupation = Queen's Counsel
wife = Marion Crawford
daughters= Stella Crawford
Catherine Crawford

Edward Crawford, Queen's Counsel is the father of Stella, who appeared when Stella and her fiancé, Phil Mitchell visited Stella's parents. He hid in a room away from Stella, and was confronted by Phil when Phil realised he was there, not playing golf as his wife Marion had told him. Edward revealed that he was estranged from Stella because he and his wife blamed her for the death of their other daughter, Catherine.

Cheryl Andrews

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Cheryl Andrews
actor_name = Charlotte Palmer
years = 2007
appeared = 3 July 2007
status =Married
husband = Tony Andrews

Cheryl Andrews was the wife of Bradley Branning's boss, Tony, who attended a dinner party with Bradley and his girlfriend Stacey Slater. An East End girl herself, she got on with Stacey, and told her of the merits of being married to a banker, including living in Paris.

Charity Kase

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Charity Kase
actor_name = Morgan Crowley
creator=Alexander Lamb
years = 2007
first = 9 July 2007
last = 24 August 2007

Karl "Charity Kase" was an Irish drag act employed by Peggy Mitchell for a night in The Queen Vic. He sang "Big Spender" to Billy Mitchell and Bradley Branning, made Bradley go up on stage and repeat his proposal to Stacey Slater in front of the audience, and sang a duet with barmaid Shirley Carter. He also after being told by Sean Slater made enemies with Deano Wicks after dressing him up and making a fool of him.

He later appeared when Shirley was in Brighton with her best friend Heather Trott and they ran into him. He offered them a lift back to Walford because their car had been clamped.

Myra Sim

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Myra Sim
actor_name=Naomi Ryan
appeared=17 July 2007
occupation=Police officer

Police Constable Myra Sim was the police officer who investigated Wellard's kidnapping. She spoke to Mickey Miller and Gus Smith, and found the recently-departed Li Chong's stash of dodgy mobile phones. Mickey asked her not to tell Gus about the phones, which she did not. When Bert Atkinson later plastered posters of Wellard around Walford, she dealt with a complaint about them, telling Gus to take them down or he would be fined.

Jasmine Field

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Jasmine Field
actor_name=Karen Ascoe
appeared=24 July 2007
occupation=Police officer

Detective Constable Jasmine Field was the police officer who, along with her partner PC Tony Webster, interviewed Ben Mitchell following months of abuse from his father Phil's fiancée Stella Crawford.

Tony Webster

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Tony Webster
appeared=24 July 2007
occupation=Police officer

Police Constable Tony Webster was the police officer who, along with his partner DC Jasmine Field, interviewed Ben Mitchell following months of abuse from his father Phil's fiancée Stella Crawford.

Craig Dixon

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name =Craig Dixon
actor_name =Rory Jennings
introducer=Diederick Santer
years = 2007
first = 27 July 2007
last = 7 September 2007
dob = 20 July 1989
status = Single
home = In Police Custody

Craig Dixon arrived in Albert Square for an interview with Ian Beale, to work in Ian's chip shop. Ian employed Craig indifferently while busy cleaning up after his son, Bobby.

Ian's daughter Lucy took an instant liking to Craig, and they started seeing each other in secret. On 3 August 2007 it was revealed that Craig had a gun in the glove compartment of his car.

On 6 August 2007 he was invited by Lauren Branning to her house along with Lucy and they played truth or dare. Craig and Lucy left when they were interrupted by Lauren's sister Abi. Craig later dared Lucy to shoplift from the Minute Mart. Craig also had a small disagreement with Patrick Trueman when purchasing alcohol from the Minute Mart.

Ian found out about Lucy and Craig through Jane and Lauren at a party. Ian rushed into his Jeep to find Lucy, whilst Max Branning offered to help. Ian and Max found Lucy and Craig in bed at Craig's flat about to engage in sexual intercourse. Craig was warned by Max whilst Lucy was told to button her top and get out.

The next day after taking Lucy back home, Ian reported the incident to the police and Craig was cautioned, much to the annoyance of Ian, who gave Craig a visit and gave him £300 to leave his daughter alone. Lucy and Craig later met up in secret. Lucy asked to see the cash and she took it and warned Craig that she would tell people about him if he didn't do what she wanted.

It was later revealed that it was Craig who committed the attack on Patrick Trueman, on a tape discovered by Kevin Wicks, showing him hitting Patrick over the head. Sean Slater who also had a disagreement with Patrick and was placed at the scene had been charged with the crime. On the same day it was revealed that Craig and Lucy had got back together.

When Lucy played truant, she went to see Craig and went in his car, almost discovering his gun but he prevented her finding it by saying there was a wasp in her hair and quickly changing the subject.

On 6 September, Craig and Lucy ran away to a hotel. When Craig came out the shower topless, he straddled Lucy and attempted to take off her top, but she threw her drink on him and locked herself in the bathroom. She rung Ian on her mobile phone, but Ian, Jane and Peter had gone to look for her so they never got the call. She left a message but it was cut short when her battery ran down. She then tricked Craig into leaving the hotel by saying they would steal money from Ian. Lucy ran to her father, pretending to cry, and told the police that Craig attacked Patrick. Craig was arrested for attempted murder and was not seen again, resulting in Sean's freedom from Remand. However, Craig hid his gun in Lucy's bag. The gun was later used by Steven, Lucy's half-brother to shoot himself, but instead wounded Jane.

Alice Lord

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Alice Lord
actor_name =Toni Palmer
years = 2007
appeared = 2 August 2007

Alice Lord was a family friend of Tanya Branning and her sister Rainie. When they were children they would call her "Auntie Alice", although she was not related to them. She lived on the same housing estate as the sisters, and appeared when Tanya tried to get in contact with Rainie, telling Tanya that Rainie had many men visiting her flat.

Ellen Dunn

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Ellen Dunn
actor_name =Phillipa Peak
years = 2007
first = 7 August 2007
last = 7 September 2007
occupation =Police officer
Detective Sergeant Ellen Dunn is the leading officer investigating the attack on Patrick Trueman. She interrogated Sean Slater, and later interviewed Deano Wicks when he was attacked after making a statement against Sean. One month later, she led a team of officers to arrest Deano and Chelsea Fox for attempting to pervert the course of justice

Zachary Carson

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Zachary Carson
actor_name =Jonah Russell
years = 2007
first = 7 August 2007
last =13 August 2007
occupation =Police officer

Detective Constable Zachary Carson was one of the police officers investigating the attack on Patrick Trueman. He collected witness statements from Deano Wicks and Chelsea Fox, who claimed they saw Sean Slater attack Patrick, and later interviewed Patrick when he regained consciousness, distressing him until Denise Wicks told Carson to leave the hospital. He left Patrick his card, and Patrick later telephoned him and told him Sean was the culprit. One month later, the police officers arrested Chelsea and Deano after they had been discovered they were perverting the course of justice.

Alan Simon

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Alan Simon
actor_name =Simon Meacock
years = 2007
first = 10 August 2007
last = 13 August 2007
occupation = Duty solicitor

Alan Simon was Sean Slater's duty solicitor when he was accused of attacking Patrick Trueman. He constantly advised Sean that he was allowed to answer "no comment", as Sean was getting irate with police officers in the interview room. He later visited Sean's girlfriend Carly Wicks.

Jo Davis

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Jo Davis
actor_name =Jennifer Taylor
years = 2007
appeared = 20 August 2007
occupation = Receptionist

Jo Davis was the receptionist who booked Garry Hobbs and Dawn Swann a room in a hotel in Brighton. She was unable to book them a twin room, so booked them a double room instead, and assisted them in getting a cot for Dawn's baby Summer.

Len Harker

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Len Harker
actor_name =Christopher Ellison
years = 2007
first = 20 August 2007
last = 24 August 2007
occupation = Rocking horse maker

Len Harker was a man who unknowingly helped Shirley Carter and Heather Trott to steal a car that Pat Evans borrowed from Kevin Wicks. As Shirley and Heather drove away to Brighton, Pat came out from the service station and called out that it was her car, but she slipped and broke her shoe. Len mended her broken shoe, and then offered her a lift to Worthing, where she had been heading for. After Pat accepted, he drove her to a run-down mental facility where Pat's long-lost sister Joan had been sent sixty years previously. After being refused entry, he helped Pat to break in, where they discovered that Joan hadn't died aged 22 as Pat had been told, but had been sent to a different hospital in the 1980s.However, while running from the police, he dropped the paper which revealed which hospital she had been sent to, but he searched the Internet and found the location. He took Pat there, where they discovered that Joan had only died a few years ago, and that she had married in 1963.He took Pat back to Walford, where he said goodbye to her, giving her his card, looked around, and then drove away.

He wasn't heard of again until Christmas Day 2007, when he sent Pat a rocking horse for her Christmas and a card to let her know that he was thinking of her.

Will Passmore

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Will Passmore
actor_name =Patrick Brennan
years = 2007
appeared = 24 August 2007
occupation = Care home manager

Will Passmore was the manager of a care home called Springview, where Pat Evans sister, Joan, once lived. Pat and her companion Len Harker found the care home, and Will told them that Joan had died three years ago, but that she had been happily married to a man named Michael and was well liked in the community.


Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Damian
actor_name =James Hillier
years = 2007
first = 27 August 2007
last = 29 October 2007
status = Single
occupation = Businessman

Damian was Roxy Mitchell's fiancé whom she started avoiding calls from during her stay in Walford. Roxy told her sister Ronnie she was going to leave Damian and never go back to Ibiza, but Ronnie warned her to wait until she got the money out of his business. They then both got into an argument over the situation during which Damian turned up totally unexpected at The Queen Victoria. Later left after Roxy and Ronnie tricked him into believing Roxy's new boyfriend was Ian Beale and she was pregnant with Ian's baby and Roxy snogged Ian to prove she loved him with all her heart in front of Damian. Damian then left to go back to Ibiza.

Two months later, he returned to Walford to be with Roxy, who was then found crying on the bed pretending she had a miscarriage. Ronnie was horrified that Roxy was setting him up. Roxy tried not to let him know that she was using him only for the money to help Peggy pay off her £40,000 debts and the funds for her and Ronnie's future ownership of the Scarlet nightclub. On 29th October, Damian attacked Ian in the cafe when he discovered that he and Roxy were never even in love, and then got himself arrested by Jack Branning when he 'hit' Ronnie (this was set up by Ronnie, when she made him look like he was sexually assaulting her). Damian also realised what the Mitchell sisters were up to when he then realised that Roxy doesn't really love him, but is using him - only because he had everything.During the arrest, Ronnie made an excuse and told Damian why he was set up - because he owed her money, so he accepted her offer and then was taken in Jack's car. This was the very last time we ever saw of him.

Queenie Trott

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Queenie Trott
actor_name =Judy Cornwell
years = 2007, 2008
first = 25 September 2007
last = 24 April 2008
daughters =Heather Peterson

Queenie Trott is the mother of Heather Peterson. Queenie is a controlling woman, who prefers Heather to be at her beck and call. She regularly taunts, insults and demeans her daughter, always calling her by the name "Pig", but she does not react kindly to those who might want to lure her away. When Shirley Carter asked Heather to move out of her mother's flat and into hers, Queenie manipulated Heather into staying. Queenie claimed she was pleased to see her daughter leave, but then pretended to have an accident and Heather was so concerned for her mother's safety that she decided not to move out. However, Heather later heard Queenie laughing about her deception to a friend on the phone, mocking her daughter's stupidity, calling her a "stupid cow." Heather was so angry that she decided to move in with Shirley after all, only to find that Shirley had been evicted as she'd failed to pay the rent. Not wanting to remain living with her spiteful mother, Heather decided to pay the rent with money she had in her savings account. She sneaked back to Queenie's to find her savings book, but discovered that her mother had stolen most of her money.

She turned up on Heather's doorstep on 16 March 2008 to meet Heather's new fiancé, Minty Peterson. She blackmailed Minty and Heather, saying she would not leave unless they gave her their winnings from the wedding competition they were in. Heather revealed to Minty that Queenie had told her that her father walked out on them because he hated living with Heather. Minty then encouraged Heather to stand up to Queenie, which she did, prompting Queenie to leave.

Queenie later tried to stop Minty and Heather's wedding, revealing Heather's true identity to Marni from the magazine. Heather married Minty and later berated Queenie for trying to ruin her happiness, and Queenie left.

Brendan Hughes

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Brendan Hughes
actor_name =Tim Hudson
years = 2007
first = 1 October 2007
last = 9 October 2007
occupation =Lawyer

Brendan Hughes was the lawyer of Chelsea Fox and Deano Wicks. He represented them in court when they were charged with falsifying evidence in a police enquiry. Despite Mr. Hughes plea for lenience, Dean and Chelsea were sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Tony Evans

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Tony Evans
years = 2007
appeared = 15 October 2007
occupation =Psychiatrist

Tony Evans was a psychiatrist friend of Ian Beale, who agreed to take Ian's ex-stepson, Steven into his mental hospital.

Felix Riley

Infobox EastEnders character 2

character_name =Felix Riley
actor_name =John Webber
years = 2007
appeared = 22 October 2007
occupation =Loan shark
daughters =Melissa Riley
sons = James Riley

Felix Riley was a loan shark, who tried to loan money to Peggy Mitchell when she was £40,000 in debt. When he explained that he would effectively be buying The Queen Vic from her and renting it back to her, Peggy threw him out.

Bird Meadows

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Bird Meadows
actor_name =Brett Fancy
years = 2007
first = 22 October 2007
last = 15 November 2007

Liam "Bird" Meadows was a member of Terry Bates's gang of football hooligans. He caught up with Jase Dyer, a former member of the gang, in Walford and attempted to recruit him back into the gang. When Jase refused, Bird helped Terry and the gang to arrange a car crash for a man who had sent Jase to prison. When this failed to win Jase back, the gang raided The Queen Vic looking for him.

Raymond Storry

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Raymond Storry
actor_name =Julien Ball
creator=Sarah Phelps
years = 2007
appeared = 8 November 2007
occupation =Psychiatrist

Doctor Raymond Storry was a psychiatrist who worked at Tony Evans's mental hospital, who looked after Steven Beale. He told Steven's grandmother Pat Evans that Steven was ready to leave the hospital, and prescribed him some pills, which Steven later threw down Pat's sink.

William Mitchell

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =William Mitchell
actor_name =Toby Warpole
creator=Diederick Santer
years =2007—
first = 13 November 2007
last =
classification=Present; recurring
dob = 12 November 2007
father= Billy Mitchell
mother= Honey Mitchell
sisters= Janet Mitchell
grandfathers= Steven Mitchell
Jack Edwards
grandmothers= Janet Mitchell
Janet Edwards
uncles=Charlie Mitchell
great uncles=Ted Mitchell
great aunts=Caroline Bishop
great great uncles=Phil Mitchell
cousins =Jamie Mitchell
1st cousin twice=Eric Mitchell
Clive Mitchell
Archie Mitchell
2nd cousin once=Phil Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
Sam Mitchell
Ronnie Mitchell
Roxy Slater
3rd cousin=Mark Fowler Jr.
Ben Mitchell
Courtney Mitchell
Louise Mitchell
Danielle Jones

William Mitchell is the son of Billy and Honey Mitchell, played by Toby Warpole. [" [ Honey and William Mitchell] ", "Walford Web". URL last accessed 2008-07-16.] On 20 March 2007, Honey found out she was pregnant with her second child, and told Pat Evans, asking her not to tell Billy. Pat berated Honey for not telling Billy and when she eventually did tell him. Billy was distant with Honey after this but the two finally had a heart to heart and he admitted to having the same concerns as her including that they may love the new baby more than their first child Janet, which Honey reassured him could never happen. After this the two agreed they wanted the new baby and gradually spread the news to their family. The baby was due on 12 November 2007.

On 12 November 2007, Honey was knocked down due to an incident at The Queen Vic involving Jase Dyer, Terry Bates and Terry's gang. This caused the placenta to become dislodged from the uterine wall, and Honey went into labour. When he was born, it seemed that William had died because he wasn't breathing, however he eventually pulled through. Honey came up with the idea for him to be named after his father. She felt guilty that she was happy that he did not have Down's syndrome like his sister.

William left Walford with his mother and sister on 2 September 2008 when Billy lied to her about handing all of Jase's money to charity which had led to his death. It was revealed a few days later that they are living with William's grandfather Jack Edwards.

The scenes in which Honey was attacked were subject to heavy criticism, with Ofcom receiving 78 complaints from viewers about the level of violence displayed, and concerns for the safety of her baby. The media regulatory body stated that: "In Ofcom's view the violence was not appropriately limited for this time of the evening when many children are available to view television."cite web|author=John Plunkett|url=|title= EastEnders violence ruled out of order|publisher=The Guardian|date=25 February 2008|accessdate=2008-03-05] "EastEnders" was found to have breached the broadcasting code on this occasion, though the BBC defended itself by stating that there had been a gradual build up to the event over several episodes, and that a content warning was aired prior to the episode's broadcast.cite web|author=Matthew Hemley|url=|title= Ofcom raps BBC over EastEnders violence|publisher=The Stage|date=25 February 2008|accessdate=2008-03-05]

Dave Stewart

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Dave Stewart
actor_name =Vincent Carmichael
years = 2007
appeared = 20 November 2007
occupation =Insurance salesman

Dave Stewart was a colleague of Max Branning who interviewed Max's son Bradley for a job as an insurance salesman. Stewart was impressed by Bradley in the interview and offered him the job, but Bradley turned him down as he didn't feel that it was the right career path for him.

Jamie Stewart

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Jamie Stewart
actor_name =Edward MacLiam
years = 2007, 2008
first = 29 November 2007
last = 13 May 2008
occupation =Doctor
wife = Laura Stewart
sons = Felix Stewart

Doctor Jamie Stewart was an Irish doctor at Walford General Hospital who helped Ronnie Mitchell when she sprained her wrist. He flirted with Ronnie's sister, Roxy, who invited him to attend the opening of their new nightclub, R&R - which he attended on 30 November.

The character reappeared in May 2008 when Roxy had to go to hospital after fainting. Jamie gave Roxy his number. He later met up with Roxy at the Queen Vic, though was interrupted when his ex-wife Laura arrived and asked him to look after their son, Felix. Roxy got on well with Felix, but when she fainted and found out she was pregnant, Jamie told her that he couldn't commit to a relationship with her, as he was already preoccupied with Felix.

Bernadette Logan

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name =Bernadette Logan
actor_name =Olivia Grant
years = 2007, 2008
first = 10 December 2007
last = 24 June 2008

Bernadette Logan was a child in Abi Branning and Ben Mitchell's school year. She was first seen when she took part in Dot Branning and Yolande Trueman's 2007 nativity play. Abi was jealous of her as Bernadette was playing Mary. After Abi tried to sabotage Bernadette to gain the role of Mary, she was demoted from narrator to the role of the donkey.

Bernadette later appeared at Abi's twelfth birthday party in June 2008, when she teased Abi about having a childish party, but they later became friends. In September 2008, Abi told her father Max that she'd confided in Bernadette about her mother Tanya's relationship with Max's brother Jack, and Bernadette had been calling Tanya a "scrubber". Max told Abi to stand up to Bernadette, and it was revealed that Abi had hit Bernadette (off-screen) and been suspended from school for four days.

Oscar Branning

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name =Oscar Branning
actor_name = Ruby (October 2007-November 2007)

Gabriel Miller-Williams (November 2007-2008)
creator=Diederick Santer
years =2007—
first =14 December 2007
last =
dob = 13 December 2007
home =5 Albert Square
occupation =
father =Max Branning
mother=Tanya Branning
halfbrothers=Bradley Branning
sisters=Lauren Branning
Abi Branning
grandfathers=Jim Branning
grandmothers=Reenie Branning
aunts=April Branning
Suzy Branning
Carol Jackson
Rainie Cross
Debs Cross
uncles=Derek Branning
Jack Branning
cousins=Bianca Jackson
Robbie Jackson
Sonia Fowler
Billy Jackson
Penny Branning
1st cousin once=Gordon Branning
Natasha Butcher
Liam Butcher
Tiffany Dean
Morgan Jackson-King
Rebecca Miller

Oscar Branning is the son of Tanya Branning and Max Branning and first appeared on 14 December 2007, having been delivered by his father,cite news|url=|title=Oscar.. Bravo!|publisher="Daily Mirror"|date=2007-12-08|accessdate=2007-12-12] because it was too late to go to the hospital. The midwife was not present so Max had to follow her instructions over the (speaker)phone. Oscar was named by his sister Abi. Max was not very keen on the name but Tanya liked it. Tanya later asked Jane Beale if she would be godmother which she accepted. In March 2008 it was revealed that every time Tanya looks at Oscar, she thinks of Max and his affair.

Oscar was first played by a baby girl called Ruby. Later on a boy named Gabriel Miller-Williams took over the role. In 2008 he was sacked as the BBC were cutting costs, and it cost £300 a day to transport him to the set from his home in Leigh-on-Sea. [" [ Mum may sue after TV tot Oscar is sacked from EastEmders] ", "The Mirror". URL last accessed 2008-09-09.]



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