National Assembly for Wales election, 2011

National Assembly for Wales election, 2011
National Assembly for Wales election, 2011
2007 ←
5 May 2011
→ 2016[1]

All 60 seats to the National Assembly for Wales
  First party Second party
  Carwyn Jones 2011.jpg Nb1Col.jpg
Leader Carwyn Jones Nick Bourne
Party Labour Conservative
Leader's seat Bridgend Mid and West Wales (Defeated)
Last election 26 seats, 32.2% 12 seats, 22.4%
Seats won 30 14
Seat change increase4 increase2
Constituency Votes 401,677 237,388
Constituency % 42.3% 25%
List Votes 349,935 213,773
List % 36.9% 22.5%

  Third party Fourth party
  Ieuan Wyn Jones 2011.jpg Kirsty Williams 2011.jpg
Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones Kirsty Williams
Party Plaid Cymru Liberal Democrats
Leader's seat Ynys Môn Brecon and Radnorshire
Last election 15 seats, 22.4% 6 seats, 14.8%
Seats won 11 5
Seat change decrease4 decrease1
Constituency Votes 182,907 100,259
Constituency % 19.3% 10.6%
List Votes 169,799 76,349
List % 17.9% 8.0%

Welsh Assembly election 2011 map.svg

Map of Wales showing constituency results

First Minister before election

Carwyn Jones

Elected First Minister

Carwyn Jones


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The National Assembly for Wales election 2011 was the most recent election for the National Assembly. The poll was held on Thursday, 5 May 2011 and decided the incumbency for all the assembly's seats. It was the fourth election for seats in the National Assembly for Wales (previous elections having been held in 1999, 2003 and 2007), and the second election taken under the rules of the Government of Wales Act 2006.

The election resulted in gains for the incumbent Welsh Labour Party, which gained four seats compared to the previous election and now has 30 seats, exactly half of the Assembly. The party also secured a swing in its favour of over 10 percentage points. The Welsh Conservatives emerged as the largest opposition party with 14 seats, a net gain of two, but party leader Nick Bourne lost his seat. The junior party in the government coalition, the nationalist Plaid Cymru, suffered a drop in its vote and lost 4 seats. The Welsh Liberal Democrats lost significantly in the popular vote and returned five AMs, a loss of one.

British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens living in Wales aged eighteen or over on election day were entitled to vote. The deadline to register to vote in the election was midnight on 14 April 2011, though anyone who qualified as an anonymous elector had until midnight on 26 April 2011 to register.[2]

It was held on the same day as elections for Northern Ireland's 26 local councils, the Scottish Parliament and Northern Irish Assembly elections, a number of local elections in England and the United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum.


Electoral method

In general elections for the National Assembly for Wales, each voter has two votes in a mixed member system. The first vote may be used to vote for a candidate to become the Assembly Member for the voter's constituency, elected by the first past the post system. The second vote may be used to vote for a regional closed party list of candidates. Additional member seats are allocated from the lists by the d'Hondt method, with constituency results being taken into account in the allocation. The overall result is approximately proportional.

Electoral results

Members elected using the d'Hondt method Additional Member voting system by electoral region (four seats per region):
  Liberal Democrats
  • Overall turnout: 42.2%
e • d Welsh Assembly election, 2011
Parties Constituency
(First past the post)
(Additional member system)
Total seats
Votes  % +/− Seats +/− Votes  % +/− Seats +/− Total +/−  %
Labour 401,677 42.3 +10.1 28 +4 349,935 36.9 +7.2 2 ±0 30 +4 50.0
Conservative 237,388 25 +2.6 6 +1 213,773 22.5 +1.1 8 +1 14 +2 23.3
Plaid Cymru 182,907 19.3 –3.1 5 –2 169,799 17.9 –3.1 6 –2 11 –4 18.3
Liberal Democrats 100,259 10.6 –4.2 1 –2 76,349 8.0 −3.7 4 +1 5 –1 8.3
UKIP N/A N/A N/A 0 0 43,756 4.6 +0.7 0 0 0 0 0.0
Green 1,514 0.2 N/A 0 0 32,649 3.4 ±0.0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Socialist Labour N/A N/A N/A 0 0 23,020 2.4 +1.2 0 0 0 0 0.0
BNP 7,056 0.7 N/A 0 0 22,610 2.4 –1.9 0 0 0 0 0.0
Welsh Christian N/A N/A N/A 0 0 8,947 0.9 ±0.0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Communist N/A N/A N/A 0 0 2,676 0.3 –0.1 0 0 0 0 0.0
English Democrats 744 0.1 –0.1 0 0 1,904 0.2 ±0.0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts N/A N/A N/A 0 0 1,639 0.2 N/A 0 0 0 0 0.0
Monster Raving Loony N/A N/A N/A 0 0 1,237 0.1 N/A 0 0 0 0 0.0
Independent 12,478 1.3 –1.7 0 –1 1,094 0.1 –0.9 0 0 0 –1 0.0
Llais Gwynedd 3,225 0.3 N/A 0 0 N/A N/A N/A 0 0 0 0 0.0
Putting Llanelli First 2,004 0.2 N/A 0 0 N/A N/A N/A 0 0 0 0 0.0
  Total 949,252 40   949,388   20 60  


Opinion polls

Constituency Vote (FPTP)
Firm/Client Survey end date Lab PC Con LD Others
YouGov/ITV Wales 4 May 2011 47% (+2) 18% (NC) 20% (-1) 9% (+1) 6% (-1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 2 May 2011 45% (-4) 18% (+1) 21% (+1) 8% (+1) 7% (+1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 14 April 2011 49% (+2) 17% (NC) 20% (-1) 8% (NC) 6% (NC)
rmg:Clarity/Western Mail 7 April 2011 50.8% 16.7% 20.3% 7.6% 4.5%
YouGov/ITV Wales 30 March 2011 47% (-1) 17% (-2) 21% (+1) 8% (+1) 6% (-1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 8 March 2011 48% (+3) 19% (-2) 20% (-1) 7% (NC) 7% (+1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 26 January 2011 45% (+1) 21% (NC) 21% (-2) 7% (+1) 6% (NC)
YouGov/ITV Wales 22 December 2010 44% (NC) 21% (NC) 23% (+2) 6% (-3) 6% (NC)
YouGov/ITV Wales 24 November 2010 44% (NC) 21% (NC) 21% (+2) 9% (NC) 6% (-2)
YouGov/ITV Wales 27 October 2010 44% 21% 19% 9% 8%
2007 Assembly Election 32.2% 22.4% 22.4% 14.8% 8.2%
Regional Vote (AMS)
Firm/Client Survey end date Lab PC Con LD UKIP Green BNP Others
YouGov/ITV Wales 14 April 2011 44% (-1) 18% (+2) 20% (NC) 8% (NC) 4% (-2) 2% (NC) 2% (+1) 2% (+1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 30 March 2011 45% (NC) 16% (-2) 20% (NC) 8% (+3) 6% (+1) 2% (-2) 1% (NC) 1% (NC)
YouGov/ITV Wales 8 March 2011 45% (+4) 18% (-3) 20% (NC) 5% (-3) 5% (+1) 4% (+2) 1% (NC) 1% (-2)
YouGov/ITV Wales 26 January 2011 41% (-1) 21% (NC) 20% (-2) 8% (+3) 4% (-1) 2% (-1) 1% (NC) 3% (+2)
YouGov/ITV Wales 22 December 2010 42% (+1) 21% (+1) 22% (+2) 5% (-4) 5% (+1) 3% (NC) 1% (-1) 1% (-1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 24 November 2010 41% (+1) 20% (-3) 20% (+2) 9% (NC) 4% (-2) 3% (+1) 2% (NC) 2% (+1)
YouGov/ITV Wales 27 October 2010 40% 23% 18% 9% 6% 2% 2% 1%
2007 Assembly Election 29.6% 21.0% 21.4% 11.7% 4.0% 3.5% 4.3% 4.5%

Constituency nominations

NB: candidates in BOLD text were the incumbent assembly members. Non incumbents are represented in italics. Members elected 2011 are highlighted with party colours.

Constituency Conservative Labour Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru Others Result
Aberavon TJ Morgan David Rees Helen Ceri Clarke Paul Nicholls Jones Labour HOLD
Aberconwy Janet Finch-Saunders Eifion Wyn Williams Mike Priestley Iwan Huws Conservative GAIN
Alyn and Deeside John Bell Carl Sargeant Peter Williams Shane Brennan Mike Whitby (British National Party) Labour HOLD
Arfon Aled Davies Christina Rees Rhys Jones Alun Ffred Jones Plaid Cymru HOLD
Blaenau Gwent Bob Haywood Alun Davies Martin Blakebrough Darren Jones Jayne Sullivan (Independent)
Brian Urch (British National Party)
Labour GAIN
Brecon and Radnorshire Chris Davies Chris Lloyd Kirsty Williams Gary Price LibDem HOLD
Bridgend Alex Williams Carwyn Jones Briony Davies Tim Thomas Labour HOLD
Caerphilly Owen Meredith Jeff Cuthbert Kay David Ron Davies Anthony King (British National Party) Labour HOLD
Cardiff Central Matt Smith Jenny Rathbone Nigel Howells Chris Williams Mathab Khan (Independent) Labour GAIN
Cardiff North Jonathan Morgan Julie Morgan Matt Smith Ben Foday Labour GAIN
Cardiff South and Penarth Ben Gray Vaughan Gething Sian Anne Cliff Liz Musa Labour HOLD
Cardiff West Craig Williams Mark Drakeford David Morgan Neil McEvoy Labour HOLD
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Henrietta Hensher Antony Jones Will Griffiths Rhodri Glyn Thomas Plaid Cymru HOLD
Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Angela Burns Christine Gwyther Selwyn Runnett Nerys Evans Conservative HOLD
Ceredigion Luke Evetts Richard Boudier Elizabeth Evans Elin Jones Chris Simpson (Welsh Green Party) Plaid Cymru HOLD
Clwyd South Paul Rogers Kenneth Skates Bruce Roberts Mabon ap Gwynfor Labour HOLD
Clwyd West Darren Millar Crispin Jones Brian Cossey[4] Eifion Lloyd Jones Conservative HOLD
Cynon Valley Daniel Saxton[5] Christine Chapman Ian Walton Dafydd Trystan Davies Labour HOLD
Delyn Matthew Wright Sandy Mewies Michele Jones Carrie Harper Labour HOLD
Dwyfor Meirionnydd Simon Baynes[6] Martyn Singleton Steve Churchman Lord Elis-Thomas Louise Hughes (Llais Gwynedd) Plaid Cymru HOLD
Gower Caroline Jones Edwina Hart Peter May Darren Price Labour HOLD
Islwyn David Chipp Gwyn Price Tom Sullivan Steffan Lewis Peter Whalley (British National Party) Labour HOLD
Llanelli Andrew Morgan Keith Davies Cheryl Philpott Helen Mary Jones Sian Caiach (Putting Llanelli First) Labour GAIN
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney Chris O'Brien Huw Lewis Amy Kitcher Noel Turner Tony Rogers (Independent) Labour HOLD
Monmouth Nick Ramsay Mark Whitcutt Janet Ellard Fiona Cross Steve Uncles (English Democrats) Conservative HOLD
Montgomeryshire Russell George Nick Colbourne[7] Wyn Williams David Senior Conservative GAIN
Neath Alex Powell Gwenda Thomas Matthew McCarthy Alun Llewellyn Mike Green (British National Party) Labour HOLD
Newport East Nick Webb John Griffiths Ed Townsend Chris Paul Labour HOLD
Newport West David Williams Rosemary Butler Elizabeth Newton Lyndon Binding Labour HOLD
Ogmore Martyn Hughes Janice Gregory Gerald Francis Danny Clark Labour HOLD
Pontypridd Joel James Mick Antoniw Mike Powell Ioan Bellin Ken Owen (Independent)) Labour HOLD
Preseli Pembrokeshire Paul Davies Terry Mills Bob Kilmister Rhys Sinnett Conservative HOLD
Rhondda James Eric Jefferys Leighton Andrews George Summers Sera Evans-Fear Labour HOLD
Swansea East Dan Boucher Michael Hedges Sam Samuel Dic Jones Joanne Shannon (British National Party) Labour HOLD
Swansea West Stephen Jenkins Julie James Rob Speht Carl Harris Labour HOLD
Torfaen Natasha Asghar Lynne Neagle Will Griffiths Jeff Rees Susan Harwood (British National Party)
Elizabeth Haynes (Independent))
Labour HOLD
Vale of Clwyd Ian Gunning Ann Jones Heather Prydderch Alun Lloyd Jones Labour HOLD
Vale of Glamorgan Angela Jones-Evans Jane Hutt Damian Chick Ian Johnson Labour HOLD
Wrexham John Marek Lesley Griffiths Bill Brereton Marc Jones Labour HOLD
Ynys Môn Paul Williams Joe Lock[8] Rhys Taylor Ieuan Wyn Jones Plaid Cymru HOLD

Regional lists

Mid and West Wales

British National Party Communist Party of Britain Welsh Conservative Party Green Party of England and Wales Welsh Labour Welsh Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru Socialist Labour Party UK Independence Party Welsh Christian Party
1. Kay Thomas Catrin Ashton Nick Bourne Leila Kiersch Joyce Watson William Powell Simon Thomas Liz Screen Christine Williams Jeff Green
2. Watcyn Richards Rick Newnham Lisa Francis Marilyn Elson Rebecca Evans Mark Cole Rhys Davies Adam Kelsey Clive Easton Adam Bridgman
3. Roger Phillips Barbara Thomas Ian Harrison Pat McCarthy Matthew Dorrance Edward Wilson Llywelyn Rees Barry Giddings David W Rowlands Martin Wiltshire
4. Gary Tumulty Clive Eliassen Gareth Ratcliffe Neil Lewis Iqbal Malik Steffan John Ellen ap Gwynn Robert Board Nick Powell Sue Green
5. Keith Evans Ken Simpkin Gemma Bowker
6. Stephen Kaye Rachael Sweeting
7. Dan Munford
8. Evan Price
  • RESULT: Labour - 2 seats; Plaid Cymru - 1 seat; Liberal Democrats - 1 seat
    (Change: LibDem GAIN 1 seat from Conservative)
  • Nick Bourne, Welsh Conservative Party leader, lost his seat

North Wales

British National Party Communist Party of Britain Welsh Conservative Party Green Party of England and Wales Independent Welsh Labour Welsh Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru Socialist Labour Party UK Independence Party Welsh Christian Party
1. John Walker Glyn Davies Mark Isherwood Dorienne Robinson Jason Weyman Gwyneth Thomas Aled Roberts (Disqualified, then reinstated)[9] Llyr Huws Griffiths Kathrine Jones Nathan Gill Ralph Kinch
2. Richard Barnes Trevor Jones Antoinette Sandbach Timothy Foster David Phillips Eleanor Burnham Heledd Fychan David Jones Warwick Nicholson Louise Wynne-Jones
3. Ian Si’Ree Rhian Cartwright Janet Howarth Peter Haig Diane Green Mark Young Dyfed Edwards Robert English Andrew Haigh Lindsay Griffiths
4. Clive Jefferson Graham Morgan Julian Thompson-Hill Ann Were Colin Hughes Anne Williams Liz Saville Roberts John Mcleod Elwyn Williams Neil Bastow
5. Ranil Jayawardena Victor Babu
6. Samantha Cotton
7. Martin Peet
8. Sam Rowlands
9. John Broughton
  • RESULT: Conservative - 2 seats; Plaid Cymru - 1 seat; Liberal Democrats - 1 seat
    (No change)

South Wales Central

British National Party - Plaid Genedlaethol Prydain Ceidwadwyr Cymreig / Welsh Conservatives Christian Party (Wales) "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship" / Plaid Gristionogol Cymru "Datgan Arglwyddiaeth Cris" Green Party / Plaid Werdd Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales Socialist Labour Party Plaid Lafur Sosialaidd The Official Monster Raving Loony Party Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts UKIP Wales - UKIP Cymru Welsh Communist Party / YBlaid Gomiwynyddol Gymreig Welsh Labour / Lafur Cymru Welsh Liberal Democrats / Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru
1. Gareth Connors Andrew R.T. Davies John Harrold Jake Griffiths Leanne Wood Andrew Jordan Mark Beech Ross Saunders Kevin Philip Mahoney Robert David Griffiths Jane Brencher John Dixon (Disqualified)[10]
2. Mary John David Melding Clive Bate Sam Coates Chris Franks Adrian Dumphy Pinkandorevil Gem Sarah Mayo Simon Christopher David Zeigler Gwen Griffiths Craig Jones Eluned Parrott (sworn in 6 July 2011)
3. Keith Fairhurst Lyn Hudson Donald Watson John Matthews Delme Bowen Diana Whitley-Jones Brian Lewis Lawrence Douglas Gwynn Fran Rawlings Alex Thomas Rachael Hitchinson
4. Edward O’Sullivan Richard Howard Hopkins Derek Thomson Matt Townsend Richard Grigg Harry Parfitt Helen Jones Anthony John Jenkins Clive Griffiths John David Drysdale Elgan Morgan
5. Christopher Williams Teleri Clark Andrew Price Andrew Sherwood
6. Kyle Robert Smith Filipa Machado
7. Axel Kaehne Leanne Francis
8. Helen Hancock Rae Lewis-Ayling
9. Nagina Kabul
10. Glyn Matthews
11. Keiron Hopkins
12. Rowena Mason
  • RESULT: Conservative - 2 seats; Plaid Cymru - 1 seat; Liberal Democrats - 1 seat

South Wales East

British National Party Communist Party of Britain Welsh Conservative Party English Democrats Green Party of England and Wales Welsh Labour Welsh Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru Socialist Labour Party UK Independence Party Welsh Christian Party
1. Laurence Reid Tommy Roberts William Graham Laurence Williams Christopher Were Debbie Wilcox Veronica German Jocelyn Davies Alyson O'Connell David J Rowlands Dave Owen
2. Jennie Noble Roy Evans Mohammad Asghar Kim Burelli Pippa Bartolotti Anthony Hunt Phil Hobson Lindsay Whittle Susan Lesley Deare Neil (Jock) Greer Steve McCreery
3. John Voisey Julian Jones Caroline Oag Robin Tilbrook Owen Clarke Karen Wilkie Bob Griffin Bleddyn Hancock Alan Brian Cowdell Peter Osbourne Raphael Martin
4. Jennifer Matthys Angharad Khan-Raja Benjamin Smith Teresa Canon Alan Williams Hefin David Alison Willott Jonathan Clark Joyce Irene Giblin Gareth Dunn Tracey Martin
5. Paul Pavia Mike Tibby Brendan D'Cruz
6. Susannah Beatson-Hird
7. Paul Williams
8. Paul Stafford
  • RESULT: Conservative - 2 seats; Plaid Cymru - 2 seats
    (Change: Plaid Cymru GAIN 1 seat from LibDem)

South Wales West

British National Party Communist Party of Britain Welsh Conservative Party Green Party of England and Wales Welsh Labour Welsh Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru Socialist Labour Party Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition UK Independence Party Welsh Christian Party
1. Clive Bennett John Morrissey Suzy Davies Keith Ross Alana Davies Peter Black Bethan Jenkins David Leonard Davies Ronnie Job David Bevan David Griffths
2. Adam Walker Laura Picand Byron Davies Huw Evans Geraint Hopkins Stuart Rice David Lloyd Derek Roy Isaacs Owen Herbert John Atkinson Dick Van Steenis
3. Sion Owens David Brown Altaf Hussain Delyth Margaret Miller Marie John Cheryl Green Myfanwy Davies Shangara Singh Bhatoe Mark Evans Tim Jenkins Maggie Harrold
4. Adam Lloyd Dan Cole Helen Baker Andrew Paul Chyba Edward Jones Wayne Morgan Linet Purcell Ranjit Singh Bhatoe Les Woodward David Rodgers Ray Bridgman
5. Matthew Voisey Frank Little Claire Job
6. Steve Gallagher Alec Thraves
7. Dayne Powell Caroline Butchers
8. Gareth Williams Dave Phillips
9. Helen Stew
10. Martin White
11. Rob Williams
12. Rob Owen
  • RESULT: Conservative - 2 seats; Plaid Cymru - 1 seat; LibDem - 1 seat
    (Change: Conservative GAIN 1 seat from Plaid Cymru)

Target seats for the main parties

Below are listed all the constituencies which require a swing of less than 7.5% from the 2007 result to change hands.

Labour Targets

Rank Constituency Winning party 2007 Swing to gain Labour's place 2007 Result
1 Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire Conservative 0.17 2nd Conservative hold
2 Clwyd West Conservative 3.05 2nd Conservative hold
3 Preseli Pembrokeshire Conservative 5.58 2nd Conservative hold
4 Llanelli Plaid Cymru 7.04 2nd Labour gain
5 Cardiff North Conservative 7.19 2nd Labour gain

Plaid Cymru Targets

Rank Constituency Winning party 2007 Swing to gain PC's place 2007 Result
1 Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire Conservative 0.44 3rd Conservative hold
2 Clwyd West Conservative 3.33 3rd Conservative hold
3 Neath Labour 3.36 2nd Labour hold
4 Caerphilly Labour 4.38 2nd Labour hold
5 Preseli Pembrokeshire Conservative 6.92 3rd Conservative hold

Conservative Targets

Rank Constituency Winning party 2007 Swing to gain Con's place 2007 Result
1 Vale of Glamorgan Labour 0.13 2nd Labour hold
2 Vale of Clwyd Labour 0.21 2nd Labour hold
3 Delyn Labour 1.18 2nd Labour hold
4 Gower Labour 2.17 2nd Labour hold
5 Clwyd South Labour 2.87 2nd Labour hold
6 Newport West Labour 2.96 2nd Labour hold
7 Aberconwy Plaid Cymru 4.09 2nd Conservative gain
8 Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrats 4.44 2nd Conservative gain
9 Newport East Labour 4.73 3rd Labour hold
10 Cardiff South & Penarth Labour 5.15 2nd Labour hold
11 Bridgend Labour 5.21 2nd Labour hold
12 Wrexham Labour 5.78 3rd Labour hold
13 Swansea West Labour 6.58 3rd Labour hold
14 Cardiff West Labour 6.88 2nd Labour hold

Liberal Democrat Targets

Rank Constituency Winning party 2007 Swing to gain LD's place 2007 Result
1 Newport East Labour 2.20 2nd Labour hold
2 Swansea West Labour 3.30 2nd Labour hold
3 Wrexham Labour 6.05 4th Labour hold
4 Ceredigion Plaid Cymru 6.57 2nd Plaid Cymru hold
5 Pontypridd Labour 7.11 2nd Labour hold

New members

23 of the members elected to the Assembly in the election were not members of the previous Assembly.

On 17 May it was discovered that two of the newly-elected AMs, John Dixon and Aled Roberts, held posts which disqualified them from election to the Assembly. Although they had formally taken their seats at the first meeting on 11 May,[11] they were then removed from membership of Assembly.[12] Both resigned the posts which had given rise to the disqualification. After taking legal advice, the Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler was told that she must formally declare their seats vacant on Friday 27 May, which would mean the candidates placed second on the list being elected unless motions were tabled to reinstate the two.[13] Motions to reinstate Dixon and Roberts were subsequently tabled, and the Assembly Commission issued a press statement explaining the legal situation as they saw it.[14]

The Liberal Democrats withdrew the motion to reinstate John Dixon on 5 July 2011, after the assembly standards commissioner Gerard Elias QC made clear that he had failed to take notice of the relevant rules. On 6 July, Eluned Parrott was sworn in as an AM in his place, and the Assembly voted to readmit Aled Roberts, as evidence showed that he had been directed to out-of-date information in Welsh.[15]

Defeated members

8 incumbent AMs were defeated at the polls.

Retiring members

The following incumbent AMs did not offer themselves for re-election:

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