Markazi mosque

Markazi mosque

The Markazi Mosque or Markazi Masjid is located at South Street, Savile Town, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England. It is one of the largest mosques in the U.K., one of the biggest purpose-built mosques in Europe and can hold up to 4,000 worshippers. It houses an Islamic seminary, founded in 1982, teaching about 200 boys in the Deobandi tradition. [ [ The Islamic Missionary Movement Tablighi Jama`at in Europe] ]

The mosque is run by the Tablighi Jamaat and serves as the European headquarters of the movement.

Large gatherings occur on a weekly basis whereby speeches are given in various languages based upon spirituality and teachings of Islam.


The father of Aishah Azmi, a female teacher who was fired for refusing to remove her niqab, used to be joint headmaster of the school. [ Veil teacher link to 7/7 bomber] , Daily Mail, 21 October 2006]

Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, both involved in the July 7 bombing attacks in London are said to have attended prayers at the mosque.


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