Knot in 3D

Knot in 3D

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title = Knot in 3D

developer = Malcolm Evans
publisher = New Generation Software
released = 1983
platforms = ZX Spectrum
requirements = 48K RAM
media = Cassette

"Knot in 3D" is a ZX Spectrum game by Malcolm Evans, originally published in 1983 by New Generation Software. It resembles a three-dimensional (i.e. with three degrees of freedom instead of only two) version of the Light Cycles game from the movie "Tron".

The Game

The game takes place in a 16x16x16 three-dimensional grid with the display being a first-person view of what the player can see in front of them. Initially empty, this space is filled up by the player (who constantly moves forward) leaving a trail behind them. There are a number of computer-controlled "chasers" doing the same thing who leave a differently-coloured trail behind them. As the player and the chasers move through the grid it becomes more and more densely-filled and therefore there is a greater likelihood of crashing into a trail and need to change direction to avoid the trails.

Critical reception

"CRASH" magazine commented that it was hard to see how "Knot" worked at first, but described it as extraordinary and addictive. [cite journal |year=1984 |month=February |title=Living Guide |journal= |issue=1|url=] "ZX Computing" also said that "Knot" was initially confusing until the player is used to the perspective. The graphics were highlighted as some of the best fast-action colour graphics on the Spectrum. [cite journal |year=1983 |month=October |title=Software Reviews |journal=ZX Computing|issue=8310|pages=20


In 1991 Your Sinclair magazine ranked the game 60th in their top 100 Spectrum games of all time. []


External links

* [ NGS World] — a tribute homepage of the "New Generation Software" titles, created and maintained by Malcolm's daughter Rachel
* [ Explanation of game]

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