Peace Monger

Peace Monger


character_name=Peace Monger
real_name=Dr. Cobbleskill
species=Human Mutant
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Marvel Comics Presents" #27
powers=Ability to absorb hatred from others to increase size and strength|

Peace Monger (Dr. Cobbleskill) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Universe. His first appearance was in "Marvel Comics Presents #27".

Fictional character biography

During a fund-raising dinner, Dr. Cobbleskill was attacked by a group calling themselves the Knights of Saint Virgil. They meant to kill him, yet he stopped his bodyguards from acting. The American Eagle pulled the rug from under the knights. Cobbleskill wanted to punish the men himself, but American Eagle stopped him and left with the newspaper columnist Joanna Cargill. Later, at a rally in front of the Washington Monument, Cobbleskill led the crowd's emotions to a fever pitch. Joanna Cargill appeared, revealing Cobbleskill's forgery of the attack by the Knights of Saint Virgil, Cobbleskill attacked her physically. When the American Eagle showed up, Cobbleskill had fully transformed into the Peace Monger. A physical dispute followed, which the Peace Monger lost (the crowd's hatred turned to betrayal and confusion, as the Eagle put it), as well as an intellectual debate on fighting prejudice and oppression. Cobbleskill's powers depleted, the American Eagle carried him to the police.

Years later, the Dr. Cobbleskill incited riots in Brooklyn, employing gang members to stir up trouble against other ethnic groups, so he could feed off the hate they would generate amongst one another. An assault upon Korean shop-owners was broken up by the US Agent, who followed gang-member Luis back to the Peace Monger, and fought him. The Peace Monger attempted to feed off the hate of the US Agent himself in order to power-up, but to his horror, found the US Agent was above something as trivial as hate. His own power vanished, leaving him a small, weak man, who the US Agent easily clocked with a single punch.

It is unknown if the Peace Monger retained or lost his mutant powers during the M-Day.

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