Standard Carrier Alpha Codes

Standard Carrier Alpha Codes

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is a unique code used to identify transportation companies. It is typically two to four alphabetic letters long. It was developed by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association in the 1960's to help the transportation industry for computerizing data and records.


The Standard Carrier Alpha Code, a two-to-four digit identification, is used by the transportation industry to identify freight carriers in computer systems and shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, Freight Bill, Packing List, and Purchase Order. It is also used by the American National Standards Institute, Accredited Standards Committee X12, and United Nations EDIFACT for Electronic Data Interchange computer systems.

SCACs are commonly used by the automobile, petroleum, forest products, and chemical industries; as well as suppliers to retail businesses, carriers engaged in railroad piggyback trailers, and ocean container drayage.

Freight Carriers who participate in the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement (UIIA) are required to maintain a SCAC. Certain groups of SCACs are reserved for specific purposes. Codes ending with the letter "U" are reserved for the identification of freight containers. Codes ending with the letter "X" are reserved for the identification of privately owned railroad cars. Codes ending with the letter "Z" are reserved for the identification of truck chassis and trailers used in intermodal service.

SCAC is also used to identify an ocean carrier or self-filing party, such as a freight forwarder, for the Automated Manifest System used by US Customs and Border Protection for electronic import customs clearance and for manifest transmission as per the USA's "24 Hours Rule" which requires the carrier to transmit a cargo manifest to US Customs at least 24 hours prior to vessels departure at port of loading.

Examples of Common SCACs

# YFSY - Yellow Transportation - A Less than truckload (LTL) carrier
# RDWY - Roadway Express - A Less than truckload (LTL) carrier
# UPSN, UPSS, UPSC, UPSZ - United Parcel Service - A package delivery company
# USPS - United States Postal Service
# FDE - FedEx Express
# FDEG - FedEx Ground - A package delivery company
# FDCC - FedEx Custom Critical
# FEXF - FedEx Freight
# FXFE - FedEx LTL Freight East
# FXFW - FedEx LTL Freight West (formerly VIKN - Viking)
# FXNL - FedEx Freight National (formerly Watkins)
# PTWT - Panther II Expedited Services, Inc. - An expediting company
# PLNZ, PSKL - Penske/Quality Express
# HAEI - Heartland Express
# HYWK - Hyway Trucking
# HGTN - Hogan Transport
# SCNN - Schneider National
# WESV - Wes Pro Fleet Services
# AAIE - ALG Admiral
# SWFT - Swift Transportation
# FTLC - Findlay Truck Line Company
# ANTT - Arnold Transportation
# KLFU - "K" Line
# SNLU - SinoTrans
# USIT - USA Truck
# UDRY, USAW - USA Logistics
# USXI - U.S. Express
# CMDU - Canadian-American Transport
# YODA - D&D Sexton
# DMLI - Diamond Logistics
# SALT - Salser and Sons

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