Herbert Storing

Herbert Storing

Herbert J. Storing (1928-1977) was a noted professor of Constitutional History and Law, the Federalist Papers, and, most notably, the Anti-Federalists, in which he was considered the foremost authority. Prior to his death at the age of 49 he had completed most of his annotated seven volume collection of Anti-Federalist writings, "The Complete Anti-Federalist", which will remain as a classic work of scholarship. In comprehensiveness and scholarly thoroughness his works are highly unlikely ever to be superseded.

Some of Dr. Storing's other scholarly achievements include "Toward a More Perfect Union", a collection of most of his shorter works that documents the broad range of his scholarly interests.

A student of Leo Strauss, he spent most of his professional life at the University of Chicago and was a visiting professor at Northern Illinois University.

At the time of his death, Professor Storing was the Robert K. GoochProfessor of Government, and the director of the Program on the Presidency and White Burkett Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.


*"What the Antifederalists Were For" (1981)
*"Essays on the Scientific Study of Politics" (1962)
*"The State and the Farmer" (1963)
*"The Complete Antifederalist" (1981)
*"What Country Have I?: Political Writings By Black Americans" (1970)
*"Toward a More Perfect Union" (1995)

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