Grimace (composer)

Grimace (composer)

Grimace (also Grymace or Grimache) was a French composer active in the mid-to-late 14th century.

Grimace was active in the period of music history known as the "ars nova" and was probably a contemporary of Guillaume de Machaut, since his compositions lack the complicated rhythms of the Ars subtilior (Günther 2007). Grimace's birth and death dates are not known; little is known about him outside of attributions in medieval music manuscripts. Five works are attributed to him securely; two doubtful attributions have been proposed based on stylistic similarities. His virelai, "A l'arme, A l'arme", is his most often performed work in modern times.

The works attributed to Grimace are:
*"Dedens mon cuer" (ballade)
*"Des que buisson" (ballade)
*"Se Zephirus/Se Jupiter" (ballade)
*"Je voy ennui" (rondeau)
*"A l’arme/A l’arme/Tru tru" (virelai)

Doubtful works:
*"C’estoit ma douce" (virelai)
*"Rescoés: Horrible feu d’ardent desir/Rescoés: Le feu de mon loyal servant" (virelai)


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