AR System Administrator

AR System Administrator

AR System Administrator is a client application of Remedy's Action Request System. It is used exclusively for building, customizing, maintaining, and supporting AR System applications. It reads and writes data to the metatable section of the AR System's database.

Objects created and modified via AR Administrator

These are the objects that AR Administrator is tasked with creating, modifying, and maintaining. Definitions of some of these can be found in the Action Request System article.

*Active Links
*Packing Lists
*Distributed Mappings
*Distributed Pools

Administrative changes "not" handled by AR System Administrator

Although AR Administrator is designed to handle admin needs, some administrative changes are made via AR System User.

* Adding/removing users records
* Changing passwords
* Modifying user permissions
* Changes to data-driven functionality

Since the AR System has an open API, source code can be written and called from the AR User that creates workflow. This technique is used in the service level agreement application, as well as the Business Rules module of Remedy CRM versions 4 and earlier.

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