Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences

Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences

The Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences [] "PanamJAS" is an exclusively electronic, free-of-charge peer-reviewed scientific journal. It publishes original research articles in the aquatic sciences area, such as:
*biology and ecology of aquatic organisms,
*biological, physical, chemical, and geological oceanography,
*coastal management,
*fisheries biology,
*aquatic ecosystem management,
*and related areas.

It is said that "Scientists MUST publish"... but many international Journals today only accept what they consider “state of the art” articles (in English, exclusively) and reject other original and important ones, considering them “too regional”. PanamJAS considers essential the communication of original research results, important to local, regional and international communities in the Americas and overseas. It also consider that thousands of researchers, although encouraged to publish in English, may take advantage of publishing and reading articles also in Spanish and Portuguese.

Acceptance for publication is based on the quality of the science and the appropriateness of the manuscript for the Journal. Each manuscript must stand on its own merits and be a substantial contribution to the field.

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