Flag of the Department of Antioquia

Flag of the Department of Antioquia

The Flag of the Department of Antioquia is the flag symbol of the Colombian Department of Antioquia.

The flag originated in the University of Antioquia but it was not officially established as symbol of Antioquia until 1962 by ordenance of the Government of Antioquia Department.

The flag has two equal horizontal stripes. The superior white stripe symbolizes purity, integrity, obedience, endurance, vigilance, eloquence, innocence and virginity. the inferior green strip represents hope, abundance, freedom, faith, friendship, service and respect.

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* [http://www.gobcesar.gov.co/infonoticia.asp?idnot=5 Meaning of flag by the University of Antioquia UDEA]
* [http://www.gobant.gov.co/generalidades/bandera.htm Government of Antioquia Department; Flag of Antioquia]

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