Shekinah Christian Training Center

Shekinah Christian Training Center

Infobox HighSchool
name = Shekinah Christian Training Center

motto = 'Educating Lives for God's Glory.'
established = 1993
type = Private
head = Ms. Lita Anguluan & Mrs. Hedy Bautista
city = Las Piñas City
state = Metro Manila
country = Philippines
students = 310
faculty = 30 (specialists and teachers)
free_label =
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campus = Former Tropical Palace Hotel
colors = Blue and Gold
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Shekinah Christian Training Center is a Christian school, and also an award-wining school located in a former Tropical Palace Resort Hotel, Tropical Avenue corner Kirishima Street, BF Homes International, Las Piñas City, in the Philippines. It uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) system of curriculum. It is noted as one of the top schools among the schools who use the ACE system in the Philippines.


Shekinah Christian Training Center was established and founded in 1993, and was originally located in the backyard of a small house in Sun Valley Subd., in Paranaque City. The students were 15 at the beginning of the school year which grew to 24 before the end of the year. In Summer of 1996, the School transferred to its present location in BF Homes, Paranaque City, the former Tropical Palace Resort Hotel. The school was looking for a wider, bigger space, and the population of the school become bigger. The campus has also school events from Buwan ng Wika (Formerly Linggo ng Wika), to Thanksgiving & Banquet Awards. In 1995, the SCTC Delegation Team joined their 1st ACE National Students Convention in Baguio City, the 1997 SCTC Juniors Delegation Team joined their 1st ACE Juniors National Students Convention in Lingayen, Pangasinan, and SCTC Team joined the Philippine Delegation Team in the ACE International Students Convention in 2001 which was held in St Louis, Missouri. In 2003, Shekinah has reached more than 400 Students due to the new enrollees by kick-off on the school's 10th anniversary. This school year, Shekinah has now reached more than 310 students by kick-off its 15th anniversary. The students of Shekinah are credible, diligent, prayerful, and one of the friendliest schools in Metro Manila. This school year, the school campus will celebrating their 15 glorious years of their School in 2007-2008 school year of Shekinah.

Saul of Tarsus

"Saul of Tarsus"", the first ever school musical of Shekinah was launched on March 18 & 19, 2006 at the SM Southmall Cinema 3, SM Southmall in Las Pinas City, and Directed by, choreographer, Gus Algeduer, who became the TV hosts of RJTV 29's former TV show, "Gimme A Break" which airs every night. Musical Stage Director Gus Aldeguer who eventually surprises the talents of students who performed well in a school musical play a huge success of Shekinah. The musical school play became popular among the SCTC Former Students, and SCTC Alumnis watched their friends, and classmates as they sing, dance, act, and of course, jumped for joy all while being completely stoned. Thousand of Shekinah Students Audience who cheered for their best performance of their school play after "First Name" of Christian Harvest Academy (the Sister School of Shekinah), which was launched in October 2003. "Saul of Tarsus" was the story of Saul who sacrifices to become the King of Tarsus, and he wants to save the city from the harmonious people of Israelites, and to bring them in honor of the King of Tarsus. Recently, "Saul of Tarsus" was repeated again this year with a new set of casts and performers including new comers from various schools, the musical play was re-launched last March 17 & 18, now on their new venue at the Insular Life Auditorium for kick off its upcoming 15th anniversary of Shekinah.

SCTC awards and recognitions

*Champion, Emsemble - ACE National Students Convention (1999-2001, 2003 & 2007)
*Champion, Emsemble Juniors - 5th ACE National Juniors Students Convention (2002 & 2008)
*Champion, Juniors Volleyball, Juniors PACE bowl- Bodi Aquino, Angela Sanares, Aaron Lim, and Ralph Asuncion- and Juniors Large Ensemble - 11th ACE National Juniors Students Convention (2008)
*Champion, Drill Team - 13th ACE National Students Convention 2005 (Cebu)
*Champion, Small Ensemble, Flag Corp, and Color Guard - 15th ACE National Students Convention 2007 (Iloilo City)
*Champion, PACE Bowl - ACE National Students Convention (1999-2001), Cebu City
*Plaque of Participation Award - 13th ACE National Students Convention 2004 Bacolod City
*Over-All Champion - Christian Schools Athletics League (2001-2003) Las Pinas City
*Plaque of Appreciation Award - Philippine National Red Cross Pasig City (July 2005)
*Plaque of Appreciation Award - Asian Center for Missions Makati City (September 2005)
*78th Place - Philippine Delegation, ACE International Students Convention 2003 St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
*72nd Place - Philippine Delegation, ACE International Students Convention 2006 Radford, Virginia, U.S.A.
*5th Place - Bible Bowl - ACE International Students Convention 2006 Radford, Virginia, U.S.A.
*15th Place - Exhibits Category - ACE International Students Convention 2006 Radford, Virginia, U.S.A.

SCTC slogans

*Educating Lives for God's Glory - Corporate Slogan
*Tayo Na, Shekinah - Released in 1993 for the 1st Buwan Ng Wika
*Shekinah Turns 1 - Released in 1994 for their 1st Anniversary.
*Saya Sa Pista Ng Shekinah - Released in 1995 for their 2nd Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah 2wards at 2 - Released in 1995 for their 2nd Anniversary.
*Shekinah Free @ 3 - Released in 1996 for their 3rd Anniversary.
*Magsalo Tayo at Magsaya - Released in 1996 for their 4th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah 4 ward @ 4 - Released in 1997 for their 4th Anniversary.
*Tayo'y Na't Magsaya - Released in 1998 for their 5th Buwan Ng Wika.
*We're No. 1, Shekinah! - Released in 1998 for the No. 1 Top Private Schools in Paranaque City.
*Shekinah High Five at 5 - Released in 1998 for their 5th Anniversary.
*SCTC...huha! - Released in 2000 for the events of NSC, JNSC & ISC.
*Magsaya Tayo Sa Shekinah Sa Bagong Milenyo - Released in 2000 for their 6th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah Faith At 8 - Released in 2000 for their 8th Anniversary.
*One Big Fight! Shekinah! - Released in 2001 for their CSAL Championships.
*Once A Shekinah Student, Always A Shekinah Student - Released in 2002 for their Graduation Speech.
*Shekinah @ 9 Moving Forward - Released in 2002 for Their 9th Anniversary.
*10 Taon na Isang Dekada ng Saya Sa Shekinah - Released in 2002 for their 10th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Tayo'y Magsama-sama Para Sa Pista Ng Shekinah - Released in 2003 for their 11th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah: 10 fruitful years of a decade - Released in 2003 for their 10th Anniversary.
*Tayo'y Magsalo-salo sa Shekinah - Released in 2004 for their 11th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah @ 11 Success Towards God - Released in 2004 for their 11th Anniversary.
*Halinat' Magsaya sa aming Pista ng Shekinah- Released in 2005 for their 13th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah @ 13 and Looking Forward - Released in 2005 for their 13th Anniversary.
*Pistang Shekinah, Magsaya Tayo para sa Lahat - Released in 2006 for their 14th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Shekinah 14 and Beyond - Released in 2007 for their 14th Anniversary.
*We're 15, Shekinah! - Released in school year 2007-2008 for Shekinah's 15th Anniversary.
*15 na Taon tayo mga katropa, sa Saya at ligaya Sa Shekinah - Released in August 2007 for their 15th Buwan Ng Wika.
*Ako'y Isang Pinoy...Sa Puso't Diwa - Released in August 2007 for the 2nd slogan for their 15th Buwan ng Wika.
*Shekinah @ 15: 15 glorious years of Education Through God's Glory - Releasing in School Year 2007-2008 for their 15th Anniversary.
*Feel Christmas Shekinah @ 15! - Released in Shekinah for their 15th Anniversary for their 1st Christmas Slogan this Christmas 2007.
*Shekinah Shines at 16! - Released this school year 2008-2009.
*Shekinah @ 16: 16 Years of a School Decade through God's Glory - Released this year 2008
*Buhay Shekinah, Ang Saya Dito! - Released in August 2008 for their 16th Buwan ng Wika.


1. To draw students closer to God and to proclaim the salvation of Christ.

2. Shekinah Christian Training Center aims to provide necessary training in the basic learning subject geared towards the development of the learner's potentialities, talents and abilities according to the need and own rate learning which enable him to educare himself for the rest of his life.

3. To facilitate the proper development of the child's aptitude through a comfotable and systematic learning process concretized in work and play.

4. To provide an environment that will help pupils develop a well-balanced citizenry who are prepared to take their proper places as individuals and as members of the respective groups or community in a democratic society.

Student population

*SY1993-1994 (1st and 2nd Quarter) - 15 students
*SY1993-1994 (3rd and 4th Quarter) - 25 students
*SY1994-1995 -
*SY1995-1996 -
*SY1996-1997 -
*SY1997-1998 -
*SY1998-1999 -
*SY1999-2000 -
*SY2000-2001 -
*SY2001-2002 -
*SY2002-2003 -
*SY2003-2004 -
*SY2004-2005 -
*SY2005-2006 -
*SY2006-2007 -
*SY2007-2008 - 310 Students
*SY2008-2009 - 400 Students

Sports facilities

Current Shekinah P.E. sports

*Basketball (1995-present)
*Volleyball (1995-present)
*Chess (1995-present)
*Badminton (2004-present)
*Table Tennis (a.k.a. "Ping Pong!") (1995-present)
*Jogging (1995-present)

Former Shekinah P.E. sports

* Aikido (2005-2006)
* Soccer (in the bubug field) with Paolo Rivera (2002-2003)
* Warm-Up Exercise (1993-2003)

School events

Current school events

*SCTC Praise & Worship (1993-present)
*SCTC Summer Class (1994-present)
*SCTC Election Week (1996-97, 2001-present*)
*SCTC Buwan ng Wika (Formerly SCTC Linggo ng Wika) (1993-present)
*SCTC Science Quiz Bee (1993-1999, 2002-present*)
*SCTC Science Fair (1993-1999, 2002-present*)
*SCTC Elocution Finals (1993-present)
*SCTC Recognition Day - An award given to a Shekinah Student who finishes his/her requirements for landing in the Honor Roll. (1993-present)
*SCTC Field Trip (1993-2003, 2007-present*)
*SCTC Mini-Olympics (1996-97, 2001-present*)
*SCTC Car Wash Day (launched in 2003) (2003-present)
*SCTC Christmas Party (1993-present)
*Si Jesus Ang Pasko (1996-2001, 2003-present*)
*SCTC Family Day (1995-present)
*SCTC Juniors-Seniors Prom Night Party "launched in 2003" (2003-present)
*Saul of Tarsus - The first school musical play directed by Gus Aldeguer, was launched in 2006 (2006-present)
*SCTC Graduation Speeches - A School event where a 4th Year student speaks about his/her history and their popular memories in Shekinah. (1994-present)
*SCTC Seniors Night Camp (1995-present)
*SCTC Preschool Graduation Day (2003-present)
*SCTC Thanksgiving & Awards Banquet (1994-present)


Retired celebrated school events

*Shekinah Cup Golf Tournament (1999)
*SCTC UN Celebration (2004)
*SCTC Grade 1 Recognition Day (1993-2003)
*SCTC Spelling Bee Finals (1993-1998)
*SCTC Quiz Bee Finals (1993-1996)
*SCTC Battle Of The Brains (1993-1996)
*The Burning Bush Newsletter (haha) (1997)
*SCTC C.A.T. Graduation (1998-2000)
*SCTC Worship Night (2003-2006)
*SCTC Website (2003)

Other current school events

*National Students Convention (1995-present)
*Junior (Regional) Students Convention (1997-present)
*International Students Convention (2001-present)

Other retired celebrated school events

*Christian Schools Athletics League (CSAL) - A Sporting Event for all the members of CSAL, and was officially folded in 2003.(2000-2003)

*Bagong Paranaque Private Schools Association (BAPPSA) - Paranaque's 1st League for all the campuses in Paranaque City.(2000-2002)

*Citizen's Army Training (C.A.T.) - A youth version of the Philippine Army.(1997-1999)

Sister schools

**Christian Harvest Academy
**Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow
**The Masters Academy Bicutan Paranaque (a non-ACE School)
**Seraiah Academy (Cavite)

School pastors

Current pastors

*Ptr. Larry Gusto (1995-present)
*Ptr. Rodell Orila (2006-present)

Former pastors

*Ptr. Rey Clemente (1996-1998, 2005)
*Ptr. Dave Magalong (1997-2006)

Guest pastors

*Ptr. Padim Israel

Notable alumnis of Shekinah

* Nikki Gil
* Geoff Eigenmann
* Bodie Cruz
* Nikko Rivera


*The original campus in Sun Valley, Parañaque City was also the SCTC Tutorial Center in 1995.
*In 1993, the entire student body consisted of 15 students and 6 teachers, 5 of which still teach today. ("Ms. A", "Ms. M", "Ms. D", "Mrs. Sumi", and "Ms. Bau")
*In 1993, the first Christmas Drive (Si Jesus ang Pasko) was held. It was a spin off from Christian Harvest Academy's Christmas for Jesus drive.
*The first "Buwan ng Wika" venue was in Citadela Clubhouse in Las Pinas City, and was moved back to Shekinah in 2002, and in SCTC Canopy in 2003 up to present.
*The first "Field Trip" was held at a former Nayong Pilipino (now moved to Clark Field, Pampanga), in Pasay City in 1995.
*The first "Juniors-Seniors" Prom was held at the SCTC Main organized by SCTC Alumni Batch 2003 Boys, then in 2004, the venue was transferred at the bigger site, the SCTC Annex, then last February of 2007, the "JS Prom" was held for the first time at the Bellevue Hotel Grand Ballroom in Alabang for more comfortable experience, and recently this year, the venue was returned to its current home, "The SCTC Annex" last Feb 15, 2008.
*The first "Family Day" venue was in Citadela Clubhouse from 1994 to 2003, due to the hot temperature, they decided to move in a bigger, refreshing and better place, "Alabang Hills Clubhouse from 2004 up to present and replaces the Citadela Clubhouse.
*The first venue for the 1st SCTC Thanksgiving & Banquet Awards was held at Villamor Country Club in Pasay City in 1994.
*Shekinah has a slogan "Educating Lives for God's Glory".
*Francis "Eboy" Bautista was the first Shekinah High School Graduate in 1994; He was at the top of his class; He was THE class.
*Janina Marie Rivera and Kathleen Anne Sumadchat were the first elemtary school graduates of the same year Eboy graduated.
*Juco Antonio "Nino" Rivera was the last graduate from the first batch of Shekinah Students.
*Juan Miguel "Nikko" Rivera was the only SCTC alumni who was hailed undisputed in the National Students Convention for the solo piano category.
*Jose Paolo Rivera was the first SCTC Alumni to graduate from college (DLSU). He worked for Nippon Life Insurance for two years before he decided to step in and be the first SCTC alumni to teach in SCTC. Left the school two years after to work for WG&A, now Aboitiz 2GO. He resides in Cebu.
*Shekinah was the home of famous Alumni like Nikki Gil (Myx VJ, ABS-CBN Star), Geoff Eigenmann (Myx VJ, ABS-CBN Star), Bodie Cruz, (A former PBB Season 2 Housemate) & Nikko Rivera (keyboardist for Noel Cabangon, Julianne, Sitti, etc.)
*AJ Eigenmann, was a former Shekinah Student from 1998-2003, and was also formerly appeared on a defunct youth-oriented show, "Click" on GMA 7 in 2002.
*Rhian Ramos (originally Rhian Howell) was also a former Shekinah Student from 2002 to 2003, now a certified GMA 7 Kapuso star, she has shows like "*Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell", "SOP Rules", "Lupin", and guest co host for "Unang Hirit". She was the first ex-Shekinah Student who become a guest co-host in a morning show on GMA 7.
*Aggy's Bakeshop was the official cake bakeshop of Shekinah used for SCTC Students or Teachers celebrating their birthdays every year.
*Nikki Gil, a Shekinah Alumni, became the first SCTC Alumni recording artist under EMI Music Philippines (formerly OctoArts International, Inc., and an OPM pop singer, and also part of a defunct TV show, "Rounin", a former ABS-CBN action series, and also currently hosts, "A.S.A.P. '08.
*SCTC Alumni Elmo "Bodie" Cruz was a former Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate. He was the first SCTC Alumni to become an ex-housemate on PBB Season 2.
*SCTC Alumni Nikki Gil was the first Shekinah Alumni, and first filipina who sang from the hit TV movie, and the Asian version of, "High School Musical" together with Vince Chiong of Singapore, and Alicia Pang of Malaysia.
*Angelie Kare, another SCTC Alumni Batch 2006 joined her 1st non-school musical play in "High School Musical Stage Edition" was held at the Meralco Theater in Pasig City, she was the first SCTC Alumni who was becoming as a dancer and singer and also participated in the "High School Musical Stage Edition" and the event was produced by Trumpets, Inc. and created by Disney Enterprises, Inc. and this music stage event was a huge success.
*Among the Alumnis of SCTC had already appeared in the MTV music videos like, Chow Soliven's "Sakayan ng Jeep by fellow SCTC Alumni Nikki Gil", Belay Silva's "Jeepney by Kala", and recently, Timi Dominguez was also appeared in the music video, "Heto Na" by Concrete Sam".
*SCTC Alumni Joses Israel has joined "Extra Challenge" and it was formerly aired on GMA 7 in June 2006.
*Shekinah Jacket, was first launched in 2001 during the ACE National Students Convention in Cebu City.
*Former Freestyle frontman Top Suzara did a guest performance during the SCTC Christmas Party 2006.
*Former Shekinah Student Justin Alfafara joins "Salamin" Band in 2007, but he resigned from the band last July 2007 and went on to be the band's road manager and technical director, He is also one of the most sought after concert sound engineers in the country, having worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry both local and international.
*SCTC President & Founder Baby Bautista was guest appearance on a talk show, Moms (TV show) on QTV 11, a sister TV station of GMA 7, last Holy Week of 2006, and the show was re-aired again last April 2007, during the Lenten Season.
*Former Shekinah Student Rhian Ramos was appeared together with Matinee Idol Cogie Domingo in a Holy Week Drama Special, "The Score", was produced by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and was telecasts on QTV 11 as a Christmas Drama Special in December 2006, and was re-aired again as a Holy Week Special on GMA 7 last April 2007, and again recently re-aired for the second time last March 22, 2008 also on Channel 7.
*Former Shekinah Student Michelle Lim was featured and also has won the "You Got The Look-A-Like" Segment portion of Unang Hirit on GMA 7 last July 7, 2008. She was the look-a-like of young Actress Anne Curtis.
*SCTC Alumni Bodie Cruz joins "The Singing Bee" was aired last August 8 on ABS-CBN 2.
*SCTC Alumni Nikki Gil recently launches her sophormore album, "Hear My Heart" under EMI Music Philippines (Formerly Octoarts International) last May 2008.
*Former Shekinah Student Rhian Ramos has an upcoming tv show again in a romantic comedy in Lalola will be premiering soon this October on GMA 7.
*Former Shekinah Student Michelle Lim can now be heard on Magic 89.9 as Junior Jock Curtis.

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