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appears=Digimon Adventure/02
Digimon Tamers
Digital Monster X-Evolution
Digimon Next
partner=Kazu Shioda
from=Guardromon ["Digimon Tamers", "Kazu's Upgrade" [31] ]
to=HiAndromon ["Digimon World DS"]
family=Metal Empire
Virus Busters
type=(Ja:) Cyborg Digimon
(En:) Android
Andromon is an Android Digimon whose name and design are derived from the . It was developed at the same time as Boltmon — while Boltmon was created to be more fleshed-based, Andromon was designed to be more mechanical. It is able to defeat weak Ultimate Digimon with a single attack, and is sometimes described as being one of the most powerful Digimon, as its body is a tireless machine capable of taking on many larger Digimon with little to no effort.

Andromon lacks much emotion and usually acts only in accordance with its programming, though certain Andromon have installed, allowing them to have free will. However, since there are only five known such Andromon, it is unknown whether this was intentional. The technology used to develop Andromon was also used to develop other machine Digimon like Megadramon.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure 02

Digimon Tamers

Digital Monster X-Evolution

Andromon was among the Digimon which met with several X Digimon to discuss 's plans. However it turned out that Andromon was a spy for Yggdrasil and was informing it of all the happenings during the meetings of the Royal Knights. When Omnimon appeared and attacked the X Digimon, Andromon was sure he had made the right decision, but when Omnimon turned around and attacked him and his comrades he realized that WarGreymon X and the other X Digimon were right the whole time. Wargreymon X threw his Dramon Killer at Omnimon in a vain attempt to stop him, but it was repelled by Omnimon's Transcendent Sword. The Dramon Killer ended up impaling Andromon, and he died shortly after.

Digimon Next

An Andromon is the Overseer of Light City and a resistance leader against Barbamon. He has an army of Guardromon with him. He is killed by Chaosdramon, but changes Yuu's Digimon Mini into a Blue iC. He was the original holder of the Machine Digi-Memory. He later reappears when a projection of him reveals he implanted a virus into the Machine Digi-Memory to restrain those who would attempt to use it.

Digimon World

Andromon can been seen in the factory area of File Island, as well as being an obtainable Digimon. He is in charge of Factorial Town and operating all the Machinery in the town. The Network Keeper, Giromon, causes lots of problems, but Andromon doesn't believe it until the player defeats Giromon. Afterward, Andromon apologizes and starts to retrieve the data which was sabotaged.

Digimon World 2

Andromon is one of the many types of Ultimate Digimon you can find in the wild. He digivolves from Angemon and can digivolve to Seraphimon.

Digimon Digital Card Battle

Andromon belongs to the Dark card group.

Digimon World DS

Andromon digivolves from Guardromon, and can digivolve into HiAndromon. Andromon also appears in the Hard Mountains.

Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

Andromon digivolves from Guardromon, and can further digivolve into HiAndromon.

* Lightning Blade ("Spiral Sword"): Roboticly changes his hand into a blade form that spins very fast and creates an electrical current which he hurls at his enemy in a buzz saw-like form.
* Gattling Attack ("Gattling Missiles"): He has twin missile launchers concealed under his chest plate that fire organic missiles in the form of fish. The missiles can open their mouths to reveal machine guns and appear to be capable of selecting and following their own targets, as shown in the anime when a missile knocked to the side changed its course and attacked a new target with out any verbal order from Andromon.
* Grasp Hang
* Weak Slap


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