Punch down tool

Punch down tool

A punch down tool, also called a punchdown tool or a Krone tool (after wiring systems manufacturer ADC Krone), is a small screw-driver sized tool used for connecting wiring to a punch down block [Call recording blog, [http://callrecording.wordpress.com/2007/02/07/how-to-install-a-call-recording-kit-step-by-step/] , last accessed 30 Apr 2007] . The tool consists of a handle with a spring mechanism inside and at the tip a small square piece of metal with a square hole in it. To use the punch down tool, a wire is inserted in between the two metal blades on a punch down block and the punch down tool is pressed down on top of the wire and the two blades on the punch down block. This requires a bit of pressure until with an audible snap the wire is stripped and contact made as it is pushed down between the two punch down block blades.

66 blocks and 110 blocks require different types of blades.


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