Grand Theft Arlen

Grand Theft Arlen

Infobox Television episode
Title = Grand Theft Arlen
Series = King of the Hill

Caption = Hank is caught playing Pro-Pain by Peggy.
Season = 11
Episode = 8
Airdate = April 29, 2007
Production = BABE08
Writer = Sanjay Shah
Director =
Guests =
Episode list = List of King of the Hill episodes
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"Grand Theft Arlen" is the 209th episode of the FOX animated television series "King of the Hill". The episode title is a parody of Grand Theft Auto


When Hank finds out that Bobby has been skipping P.E. for a new program where students play video games instead of exercising, he gets Bobby back into the exercising part of class. Two students (one, a student-teacher) ask him about his Strickland Propane cap that he happened to be wearing then. The teens come back later and speak to him again at his workplace, but he sends them away. Joseph comes to the house later on while Hank is trying to train Bobby, and he wants help with his homework, which is a video game. Hank watches and finds out the game is about him. Buck Strickland learns about the game and Hank is told to play it to prove its similarities for copyright infringement lawsuits. He finds out that the game is quite similar to the Grand Theft Auto series and soon becomes obsessed with it when he finds out that he can stop crime instead of causing it. Buck finds out and tells Hank that the game is actually in the public domain, so no legal action will be taken. While Hank spends several hours on the game, Bobby actually starts becoming better at exercise, although he can only do one of each. Hank eventually stops, but thinks about the game, and when he hears that it can be played online, he starts again. Peggy tries to stop Hank's addiction, going to the two students who created it to get them to help her. They give her character cheats such as invincibility, because she is in "Commissioner Mode", and she self-destructs, ending the game permanently (according to the group). Hank thanks Peggy, and they watch Bobby attempt the Presidential Fitness Test, where he does not pass, but he does better than some students. Bobby then agrees to train more.

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