Infanta Sofía of Spain

Infanta Sofía of Spain

The Infanta Sofía of Spain ("Sofía de Todos los Santos de Borbón Ortiz" [ [ Royal family official website - Third paragraph fourth line.] ] . , in English: "Sophia of All the Saints of Bourbon Ortiz"; born 29 April 2007, Madrid) is the second child of Felipe, Prince of Asturias and his wife Princess Letizia. As the daughter of the heir to the throne, she is styled and titled Her Royal Highness, "Infanta of Spain". She has an older sister, Infanta Leonor and is third in the line of succession to the Spanish throne after her father and older sister.

She was born at 4:50 pm in the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid by means of a caesarean section, two days after Letizia's due date. She weighed 3.3 kg and was 50cm long at birth. Like her elder sister, her birth was announced by the Royal Family to the press via SMS. It was announced that her umbilical cord cells would be sent to a European private bank and to a Spanish public one for future prevention of diseases. The couple did the same practice with Infanta Leonor's cells that were taken to a private center in Arizona, which caused controversy in Spain.

The Infanta was named after her paternal grandmother, Sofía of Greece. Likewise, her grandmother, Queen Sofía of Spain, is named after her paternal grandmother, Sophie of Prussia. She was christened on July 15 in the gardens of the Palacio de la Zarzuela. Her godparents are Paloma Rocasolano (her maternal grandmother) and Konstantin-Assen, Prince of Vidin. Like her sister, she was given one name, with the additional name of _es. "de Todos los Santos" (of All the Saints), at her christening, a Bourbon tradition. " [ [ - El Príncipe Felipe: " _es. Nuestra hija se llama Sofía"] ] ".


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1= 1. Infanta Sofía of Spain
2= 2. Felipe, Prince of Asturias
3= 3. Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano
4= 4. Juan Carlos I of Spain
5= 5. Sophia of Greece & Denmark
6= 6. Jesus Ortiz Álvarez
7= 7. Paloma Rocasolano Rodríguez
8= 8. Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona
9= 9. Maria Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
10= 10. Paul of Greece
11= 11. Frederika of Hanover
12= 12. José Luis Ortiz Velasco
13= 13. Maria Carmen ("Menchu") Álvarez del Valle
14= 14. Francisco Julio Rocasolano Camacho
15= 15. Enriqueta Rodríguez Figarredo
16= 16. Alfonso XIII of Spain
17= 17. Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg
18= 18. Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
19= 19. Princess Louise of Orléans
20= 20. Constantine I of Greece
21= 21. Sophia of Prussia
22= 22. Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick
23= 23. Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia
28= 28. Miguel Rocasolano Cebrian
29= 29. Maria Camacho


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