9th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

9th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 9th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between the election of August 7th 1806 and 1811, its membership being set in the November 1806 Nova Scotia general election.

The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Nova Scotia, Sir Sir John Wentworth until 1808, Governor Sir Sir George Prevost to 1811, and Alexander Croke in 1811.

Division of Seats

*County of Halifax - Edward Mortimer, Simon Bradstreet Robie, Samuel G. W. Archibald, William Lawson
*County of Annapolis - Thomas Ritchie, Henry Rutherford
*County of Lunenburg - Lewis Morris Wilkins, Edward James
*County of Cumberland - Henry Purdy, Thomas Roach
*County of Kings - Jonathan Crane, John Wells
*County of Queens - Snow Parker, George Collins
*County of Hants - William Cottnam Tonge, Shubael Dimock
*County of Shelburne - Jacob Van Buskirk, James Lent
*County of Sydney - Joseph Marshall, Edward Irish
*Town of Halifax - John George Pyke, Foster Hutchinson
*Town of Truro - Thomas Pearson
*Town of Onslow - Nathaniel Marsters
*Town of Londonderry - Samuel Chandler
*Town of Annapolis - Thomas Walker
*Town of Granville - Isaiah Shaw
*Town of Digby - John Warwick
*Town of Lunenburg - John Bolman
*Town of Amherst - Edward Baker
*Town of Horton - Daniel Dewolf
*Town of Cornwallis - Lemuel Morton
*Town of Liverpool - Joseph Barss
*Town of Windsor - William H. Otis Haliburton
*Town of Falmouth - Jeremiah Northup
*Town of Newport - Thomas Allen
*Town of Shelburne - Colin Campbell
*Town of Barrington - John Sargent
*Town of Yarmouth - Samuel Seldon Poole


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