Alcetas II of Epirus

Alcetas II of Epirus

Alcetas II ( _el. Ἀλκέτας), king of Epirus, was the son of Arymbas, and grandson of Alcetas I. On account of his ungovernable temper, he was banished by his father, who appointed his younger son, Aeacides, to succeed him. On the death of Aeacides, who was killed in a battle fighting against Cassander in 313 BC, the Epirotes recalled Alcetas. Cassander sent an army against him under the command of Lyciscus, but soon after entered into an alliance with him in 312 BC. The Epirotes, incensed at the outrages of Alcetas, rose against him and put him to death, together with his two sons; on which Pyrrhus, the son of Aeacides, was placed upon the throne by his protector King Glaukias of the Illyrians in 307 BC.


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