Albanian Support Command

Albanian Support Command

The Albanian Support Command of the Albanian Military provides operational,logistical and support functions for the Albanian Land Forces, the Albanian Air Force and the Albanian Naval Defense Forces.The Logistic Support Command is based in Tirana.The Support Command consists of a Logistics Brigade, a General Staff Support Regiment, an Infrastructure Regiment, a Personnel and Recruiting Center, a Central Military University Hospital, a Systems Development Center and a MP Battalion.

The Albanian Support Command is responsible for:

* Management of materials
* Supplying of forces;
* Logistical support of forces employed in multinational operations;
* Third level maintenance;
* Infrastructure and military law enforcement support;
* Personnel management and medical support.
* Provides logistic support to Allied Forces, for Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement (RSOM) for their troops within Albania territory with national capabilities. (Plans are being developed that the Support Command, in conjunction with JFC, will be responsible for development and coordination of deployment resources and the generation of a uniquely formulated National Support Element).

Mission & Strength

Support Command provides support with personnel, material and services for the AAF in accordance with delegated authority and legislation in peace, crises and war time.

Authorized personnel strength is approximately 4200.

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