List of military equipment manufactured in Iran

List of military equipment manufactured in Iran

From 1925 to the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iran used to be equipped with the very latest Western hardware. Cases exist where Iran was supplied with equipment even before it was made standard in the countries that developed it (for example the US F-14 Tomcat, or the British Chieftain Tank). Primary suppliers included the United States, Britain, France, the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), Italy, Israel, and the Soviet Union.

The Iran–Iraq War, and post revolutionary sanctions at the time had a dramatic effect on Iran's inventory of western equipment. Under the pressures of war, all supplies were quickly exhausted and replacements became increasingly difficult to come by. The war eventually forced Iran to turn to the Soviet Union, North Korea, Brazil, and China to meet its short term military requirements. Nevertheless, the experience of using quality equipment was not lost on any of the branches of the Iranian armed forces. Disappointed by the older Warsaw Pact equipment, Iran sought to develop its own ability to mirror the technology of its likely enemies, the West and to provide a totally reliable source of equipment for the future.

After the Iranian revolution, developments in military technology were carried out with the technical support of Russia, China, and North Korea; building upon the foundations established by western contractors. Iranian reliance on these countries has rapidly decreased over the last decade in most sectors as Iran sought to gain total independence; A major exception however, is the aerospace sector, where Iran is still dependent on external help. Iran has, at present, reverse engineered existing foreign hardware, adapted it to their own requirements and then mass produced the finished product. Examples of this abound, such as the Boragh and the IAMI Azarakhsh. In an attempt to make its military industries more sustainable Iran has also sought to export its military products, see Iranian Military Exports.

Defense production

The following list consists of weapons systems that Iran manufactures domestically:

Aircraft and Helicopters

*Azarakhsh - modified copy of U.S. F-5 Freedom Fighter, one-seat fighter aircraft, and combat capable trainer. [ [] Azarakhsh (Lightning)] [] - Tazarv (Eagle) / Thunder / Tondar / Dorna / Dorneh] [ Payvand] - Iranian Air Force Highly Equipped]
*Saegheh 80 - fighter aircraft. [ [] ] Second generation Azarakhsh with a twin upright tail configuration.
*Shafaq - advanced light fighter/trainer, still in development. [ [] ]
*IR.An-140. - licensed production of Russian Antonov An-140 [ [] ]
*Parastoo - propeller-driven training aircraft. Reverse engineered Beech F33 Bonanza. [ [] Tazarv (Eagle) / Thunder / Tondar / Dorna / Dorneh] [ [] - Parastu]
*Dorna - training aircraft [ [] - Tazarv (Eagle) / Thunder / Tondar / Dorna / Dorneh]
*JT2-2 Tazarv - third generation of the Dorna mentioned above. Still in prototype stage.
*Simorgh(aircraft)- training aircraft. [ [ Simorgh ] ] []
*Fajr F.3 - Indigenous trainer aircraft
*Panha 2091 - overhauled U.S. AH-1 Cobra refitted with indigenous components. [ 010827] ]
*Shabaviz 2061 - overhauled U.S. Bell 206 JetRanger refitted with indigenous components.
*Shabaviz 275 - overhauled U.S. Bell 205 JetRanger refitted with indigenous components
*Bell 214 - Reverse engineered and built in Iran
*HESA Shahed 278 - Developed from Bell 206 & Panha Shabaviz 2061

Unmanned aerial vehicles

* Ababil [ [] ]
* Mohajer I/II/III/IV [ [] ]

Aircraft upgrades and components

* Iran claims to have upgraded its US-made F-4, F-5, and F-14 fighter jets, and produced spare parts including tires, avionics, and engine components. [ Washington Institute] ] [ [] - Simorgh F-5 Upgrade]


* F-4 Phantom Simulator []


=Medium range (MRBM)=

"Medium range missiles are considered to have a range between 1000 and 3000 kilometers."

*Shahab-3 - strategic MRBM with a range of 2,100 km.
*Fajr-3 MRBM with an unknown range.
*Ghadr-110 MRBM with a range of 2500-3000 km.
*Ashoura missile MRBM with a range of 2,000 km.

= Short range (SRBM) =

"Short range missiles are considered to have a range up to 1000 kilometers."

*Shahab-1 - tactical SRBM with a range of 350 km. copy of Soviet SS-1c/Scud-B [ [] ]
*Shahab-2 - tactical SRBM with a range of 750 km copy of Soviet SS-1d/Scud-C [] FAS: Shahab-2]
*Fateh-110 - single-stage solid-propellant SRBM with a range of 200 km
*Zelzal-2 - single-stage solid-propellant SRBM with a range of 200 km [ [ GlobalSecurity.Org] ] [ [] ] [ [] ]
*Fajr-5 - artillery rocket [ [ Jane's Defence - Fadjr-5 artillery rocket system gets new chassis] ]
*Fajr-3 - artillery rocket"In the late 1980s, the North Korean-produced 240mm M-1985 multiple rocket launcher (MRL) was exported to Iran and subsequently produced under license (with minor changes) by Shahid Bagheri Industries as the Fajr-3 (a.k.a., Fadjr-3)." Vital Perspective (2006), [ "Military Briefing on Hezbollah's Missile Capabilities: Examining the Fajr, Zelzal"] . URL accessed 2006-08-02.] "Fajr-3 has the same caliber, range and warhead weight as three known North Korean systems." (2006), [ "Iranian Artillery Rockets"] . URL accessed 2006-08-02.]

Anti-tank missiles

* Raad - copy of Soviet AT-3 Sagger [ [] ]
* RPG-7 copy of Soviet RPG-7. Iran is forecast to manufacture 2.88 percent of the worlds RPG-7's by 2014. [ [ "Defense Industry Daily"] ]
* RPG-29 - US commanders claim that the RPG-29s used in Iraq have been provided by and produced in Iran.
* Saegheh - improved version of the RPG-7 [ [] ]
* Toophan Copy of American TOW missile
* Toophan 2 Improved Toophan
* Towsan "Iranian version of the 9M113 Konkurs/AT-5 Spandrel"

Air defence weapons

* Misagh-2 - copy of Chinese QW-1 Vanguard with some Chinese upgrades [] ]
* Misagh-1 - copy of Chinese QW-1 Vanguard
* Sayyad-1 / Sayyad-1A - upgraded copy of Chinese HQ-2 [ [] ] , Sayyad-1A has IR tracking. This Project was First Joint Winner-Applied Research in14th Khwarizmi International Award- 2000;Thehran-Iran -The Project Title:Manufacture of Sayyad-1 Missile -Initiator:Iran Aerospace Ind. Org. Contributor:HESA & Arak Machine Ind. []
* Fajr-8 - copy of S-200 [ [ YouTube - Iran upgrades and successfully test launches S-200 SAM ] ]
*Shahab Saqeb or Shahab Thaqeb(شهاب ثاقب) - copy of the Chinese HQ-7 (FM-80) system [ [ Feimeng 80 ] ] .This Project was First Joint Winner-Applied Research in14th Khwarizmi International Award- 2000;Thehran-Iran -The Project Title:Production of Low Range Ground to Air Missile;Shahab Saqeb or Shahab Thaqeb - Initiator:Iran Aerospace Ind. Org.& Contributor:D.I.O []
* Fajr-27 - rapid fire cannon [ [,2933,216070,00.html Fox News] ] [ [] ]
* Samavat 35mm Anti-Aircraft Guns - Copy of Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon skyguard [ [ YouTube - Iran Produces Anti-Aircraft Cannon: Samavat ] ]
* SM-1 copy of a c.1970s variant of the RIM-66 Standard.


* Qadr - copy of U.S. Mk 84 electro-optically guided glide-bomb [] ]
* Zoobin - copy of U.S. M117 bomb electro-optically guided glide-bomb
* Qased - indigenously produced 2000lb laser guided bomb.

Air-to-air missiles

* Fatter - copy of U.S. AIM-9 Sidewinder [ [] ]
* Sedjil - copy of U.S. MIM-23 Hawk converted to be carried by aircraft
* Sattar 1/2/3/4 - Medium Range air-to-air missiles developed based on Sedjil and MIM-23 Hawk
* AIM-54 Phoenix- produced in Iran.

Naval missiles

*Ra'ad - Indigenously developed long-range anti-ship missile based on HY-2 Silkworm.
*Noor - upgraded copy of Chinese C-802. [ [ FAS Military Analysis Network - C-802] ]
*Tondar - copy of Chinese C-801. Exact production status is unclear and the designation may refer to more than one missile. According to some sources "China & Iran ancient partners in a post imperial world", John W. Garver pages 166-221] Iran received blueprints from China in compensation for a scrapped deal to sell the missile under US pressure in the tanker wars. [Duncan Lennox, "Jane's Strategic Weapon Systems" Issue 44, page 66] [ [] ]
*Thaqeb (missile) [ [ "Haaretz"] ] [ [] ]
*Kowsar - copy of Chinese C-701 [ [] ] [ [] ]
*Fajre Darya- copy of Sea Killer II.


*Hoot - A supercavitation torpedo. Possible copy of the Russian VA-111 Shkval.

Armored Vehicles

*Zulfiqar MBT - Developed from U.S. M1 Abrams and M60 Patton [] ]
*T-72Z Safir-74 - Indigenously upgraded Soviet T-54/55 and Chinese Type 59
*Mobarez - Indigenously upgraded of British Chieftain.
*T-72S - Soviet T-72 produced under license in Iran
*Tosan - Iranian light tank for unconventional warfare, developed from British FV101 Scorpion. [ [ Tosan] ]
*Cobra BMT-2 - Concept vehicle for the Boragh armed with 23 mm anti-aircraft gun for use as a fire support vehicle. [ [ "JED The Military Equipment Directory"] ]
*Boragh - Copy of Soviet BMP-1 with indigenous upgrades
*Rakhsh - Developed from Soviet BRDM

Other vehicles

*Sepher - Iranian tactivall vehicle [] []
*Safir Jeep []
*Tondar 1/4TON Tactical Jeep []


* Raad 1 - SP gun Chinese Type WZ 501/503 armored infantry fighting vehicle with Russian 122mm gun mounted on top.
* Raad 2 - SP gun based on the U.S. M109 howitzer

mall arms

* MPT-9 - Tondar submachine gun - copy of MP5 (H & K licenced production) [] ]
* KH-2002 - 5.56mm bullpup conversion kit for the M-16 [ [] ]
* S-5.56 - copy of Norinco CQ, Chinese clone of the M-16
* KL-7.62 - copy of AKM (unlicensed knockoff)
* G3A6 - copy of G3 7.62 mm (H & K licenced production)
* MGA3 - copy of MG3 7.62 mm (Rheinmetal licenced production) [ [] ]
* PC-9 "Zoaf" - copy of Swiss-German SIG P226 pistol
* PKM-T80 - copy of Soviet PKM
* MGD-12.7mm - copy of Soviet DShK
* Nakhjir - copy of Soviet SVD


*Sina class - Iranian built, heavily upgraded, French Kaman (Combattante II) class missile boats.
*Moudge class - Iranian built, upgraded and modified British Alvand (Saam) class (aka Vosper Mk 5 type) frigates.
**Moudge I
**Moudge II
* Iranian made Fast Attack Craft/Torpedo Boat (name unknown) []


*Qaaem Class Submarine [Press TV [ Iran begins new submarine production] 25 August 2008] Midget Submarines
*Ghadir Class Submarine - [ [,2933,156160,00.html Fox News] ]
*Nahang Class Submarine [ [] ]


See also

* Iran Aviation Industries Organization
* Iran Electronics Industries (IEI)
* Defense Industries Organization
* Military of Iran

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