Sedna (database)

Sedna (database)

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developer = [ MODIS Team]
latest_release_version = 3.1
latest_release_date = 28 Aug 2008
operating_system = Cross-platform
programming language = C/C++
genre = Native XML Database
license = Apache License 2.0
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Sedna is a native XML database management system. It provides a full range of core database services - persistent storage, ACID transactions, security, indices, hot backup. Flexible XML processing facilities include W3C XQuery implementation, tight integration of XQuery with full-text search facilities and a node-level update language. In addition Sedna supports built-in facilities for processing non-XML data such as SQL connectivity and extensibility via external functions.

Sedna is developed by [ MODIS] team at [ Institute for System Programming (ISP RAS)] . It is distributed under open source Apache License 2.0.



Basic Features

* Portable with support for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS
* Support for W3C XQuery language validated by [ W3C XQuery Test Suite]
* Full-text search integrated with XQuery
* Support for a declarative node-level update language
* Support for ACID transactions
* Support for XML triggers
* Structural indices (based on descriptive schema [cite web|url=|title=Descriptive Schema Driven XML Storage] ) and value indices (based on B-tree)
* Support for Unicode (UTF-8)
* SQL connection from XQuery
* XQuery external functions implemented in C
* Database security (users, roles and privileges)
* Incremental hot backup
* Administration via easy-to-use command line utilities

Application Programming

* Java API, C API, Scheme API ( Chicken, Gambit, PLT)
* PHP API, Python API [cite web|url=|title=zif.sedna Python API by Jim Washington] [cite web|url=|title=Python API based on DBAPI 2.0 by Steve Howe] , .Net API [cite web|url=|title=.Net API by RiaForm] [cite web|url='Using%20the%20Sedna%20XML%20Database%20from%20.Net'%5D|title=Using the Sedna XML Database from .Net] and OmniMark API [cite web|url=|title=Omnimark API to Sedna]
* API [cite web|url=|title=Charles Foster's XML:DB API]
* Open socket-base client/server protocol that allows implementing APIs for other programming languages
* Integration with Apache HTTP server (via Apache module)


[ Sedna XML Database] has started out in 2003 as an R&D project in the [ Institute for Systems Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences] . It quickly passed the stage of a prototype system and evolved into a fully functional native XML database management system distributed under open source license. From inception, it has been designed to handle large databases efficiently without much tuning: hence it does not require a schema to load your data and can execute queries with adequate performance even when the developer has not created any indexes. Sedna also has a couple of innovative features, such as XML Triggers and a version-based transaction processing scheme.


External links

* [ Sedna XML database]
* [ A comparison of Sedna, Ozone, and NeoCoreXMS]
* [ Using Sedna along with XSLT and OmniMark for mixed content processing]
* [ WikiXMLDB: Querying Wikipedia with XQuery]

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