Yokogawa Electric

Yokogawa Electric

company_name = Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Inc.
company_type = Public corporation/株式会社| foundation = 1915
location = Tokyo, Japan
key_people = Shuzo Kaihori, President and CEO
num_employees = 19,286 (Worldwide operations in 33 countries)
num_companies = 94 subsidiaries, 12 affiliated companies (Worldwide)
products = Industrial automation, test and measurement hardware and software, photonic computing
revenue = 437.4 billion yen in FY2007
homepage = [http://www.yokogawa.com/ www.yokogawa.com]

nihongo|Yokogawa|横河電機|Yokogawa Denki is a Japan-based electrical engineering and software company, with businesses based on its technologies in measurement, control, and information. It has a workforce of over 19,000 in its 80 companies worldwide, operating in 33 countries.

Yokogawa's consolidated net sales accounted for over 437.4 billion yen (4.1 billion US dollars) in fiscal year 2007. [ [http://www.yokogawa.com/pr/pdf/200803presentation-en.pdf Yokogawa financial presentation dated March 2008] ]

Yokogawa is one of the pioneering industry leaders in Distributed Control Systems. Their popular CENTUM system was first introduced in 1975.

Some of Yokogawa's most recognizable products are production control systems, test and measurement instruments, pressure transmitters, flow meters, oxygen analyzers, fieldbus instruments, etc.


Yokogawa was established in 1915 as an electric meter research institute in Shibuya, Tokyo by Tamisuke Yokogawa (Doctor of Architectural Engineering) with Ichiro Yokogawa and Shin Aoki. Later, it became incorporated as Yokogawa Electric Works Ltd., the first company to produce and sell electric meters in Japan. [ [http://www.yokogawa.com/pr/Corporate/pr-corp-history-en.htm Yokogawa official history site] ]

Businesses and main products

* Yokogawa's main businesses are industrial automation and test and measurement hardware and software. Its newly developed businesses include photonic computing, navigation, and services.
* Some of Yokogawa's main hardware products are controllers, recorders and data acquisition equipment.
* Yokogawa products are used in different industries requiring process control systems. Depending on the size of the project and the requirements, Yokogawa offers various control systems: DCS, PLC, SCADA and ESD (Emergency ShutDown). In collaboration with Shell Global Solutions, Yokogawa also offers APC (Advanced Process Control) solutions to refinery, petrochemical, and chemical plants.
* CENTUM, Yokogawa's flagship DCS, has the largest capacity among DCSs with capacity of up to 1 million device tags.
* Yokogawa manufactures field instruments, test and measurement instruments, and semi-conductor related products. [ [http://www.yokogawa.com/iab/iab-index-en.htm?pm=iat Yokogawa official site] ]

Major office locations

* Tokyo, Japan (world headquarters) [http://www.yokogawa.com/ioc/w-locations/area-east-asia-en.htm]
* Amersfoort, The Netherlands (Europe headquarters) [http://www.yokogawa.com/ioc/w-locations/area-europe-en.htm]
* Newnan, Georgia, USA (North & Central America headquarters) [http://www.yokogawa.com/ioc/w-locations/area-nc-america-en.htm]
* Singapore (ASEAN and Oceania headquarters) [http://www.yokogawa.com/ioc/w-locations/area-asean-oceania-en.htm]
* Shanghai, China (East Asia headquarters) [http://www.yokogawa.com/ioc/w-locations/area-east-asia-en.htm]
* Bahrain (Middle East headquarters) [http://www.yokogawa.com/ioc/w-locations/area-middle-east-en.htm]

Trademarked products of Yokogawa

Process control instruments
* DPharp EJA - pressure transmitter with resonant silicon technology
* DPharp EJX - pressure transmitter with resonant silicon technology and SIL2 certification
* ADMag AXF - magnetic flowmeter for high-end technology use
* ADMag CA - magnetic flowmeter for substances without apparent electrode
* ADMag SE - magnetic flowmeter for general use
* Rotamass - mass flow meter with coriolis technology
* Rotameter - Rotameter
* DY - vortex flowmeter
* YTA - temperature transmitter
* US - ultrasonic transmitter

ports teams

*Yokogawa Musashino Atlastars - rugby


External links

* [http://www.yokogawa.com/ Yokogawa Electric Global website]

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