Cerise (color)

Cerise (color)

Cerise (play /səˈrs/ or /səˈrz/; French pronunciation: [səˈʁiz]) is a deep to vivid pinkish red.



According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded use of cerise as a color name in English was in The Times of November 30, 1858.[1] However, it was used at least as early as 1845 in a book of crochet patterns.[2]

The color name comes from the French word "cerise", meaning cherry. The word "cherry" itself comes from the Norman cherise.

Variations of cerise

There are various tones of cerise.

Cerise (Crayola)

Cerise (Crayola)
About these coordinates

— Color coordinates —

Hex triplet #DA3287
RGBB (r, g, b) (218, 50, 135)
HSV (h, s, v) (317°, 57%, 62%)
Source Crayola
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Displayed at right is the color called cerise in Crayola crayons (see the List of Crayola crayon colors).

The color name cerise has been in use for this color since 1993 by Crayola.

Hollywood cerise

In the 1950s, a popular brand of colored pencils, Venus Paradise, had a colored pencil called Hollywood cerise which was this color. Before being renamed Hollywood cerise in the 1940s, the color had before that, since its inception in 1922, been known simply as Hollywood.[3]

Cerise in human culture



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