U.S. Postal Exams

U.S. Postal Exams

The United States Postal Service administers a number of examinations for employee applicants to be considered for employment. Exams are administered as needed on a regional or service-area basis.


Postal Exam 460

This is the exam given to Rural Letter Carriers, usually for part-time positions. The Postal Exam Battery 460 is broken down into the following categories:

Part A: Address CheckingYou will be given 95 addresses to compare in 6 minutes. You will be expected to determine if the addresses are identical in every way or different in any way.

Part B: Memory for AddressesYou will be shown a table with 25 names and addresess divided into 5 columns. You will expected to answer 88 questions in 5 minutes on correctly identifying which column a name/address belongs in.

Part C: Number SeriesYou will be shown a "number series" and expected to identify which two numbers would come next. You will answer 24 questions in 20 minutes.

Part D: Following Oral DirectionsYou will be given oral directions and expected to follow the directions by writing in the test book.

Postal Exam 473 / 473-C

This exam is also known as the Battery 473 and replaced the Battery 470 in 2004. It is given to potential letter carriers and postal processing jobs. A score of 70 is required to pass, and applicants are considered for hire based on their scoring. Historically, point bonuses of 5-10 points were awarded to applicants based on military veteran / disabled veteran status.The Postal Exam Battery 473 and 473-C exams are broken down into the following categories:

Part A: Address CheckingYou will be given 60 addresses to compare in 11 minutes. You will be expected to determine if the addresses are identical, if the zip codes are different, or if the street/city addresses are different.

Part B: Forms CompletionYou will be shown various forms and expected to answer 30 questions on correctly completing the forms in 15 minutes.

Part C-1: CodingYou will be shown a "coding guide" and expected to answer 36 questions in 6 minutes while looking at the guide.Part C-2: MemoryBased on the same "coding guide" used in part C-1, you will be expected to answer 36 questions in 7 minutes.

Part D: Personal Characteristics and Experience InventoryYou will be asked 236 questions in 90 minutes on your personal characteristics, tendencies, or experiences related to performing effectively as a Postal Service Employee.

Postal Exam 710

This exam is given to temporary data entry workers. These staffers are known as Data Conversion Operators, and are hired based on their scoring.

Postal Exam 916

This exam is given to potential custodians. Testing may be restricted to military veterans.

Postal Exam 931

This exam is given to skilled maintenance workers. Inexperienced applicants are discouraged from testing.

Postal Exam 932

This exam is given to potential electronic technicians. Inexperienced applicants are discouraged from testing.

Postal Exam 933

This exam is given to potential Mail Processing Equipment Mechanics. Inexperienced applicants are discouraged from testing.

Postal Exam 943/944

This exam obsoleted the Battery 940 and is given to experienced automotive mechanics. Inexperienced applicants are discouraged from testing.


* [http://www.usps.com/employment/welcome.htm Employment welcome page at the USPS website] [http://www.AceYourPostalExam.com Practice Postal Exams]

[http://www.post-office-jobs.com General Information on finding/applying for jobs, preparing for exams]

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