Eruption (band)

Eruption (band)

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Name = Eruption

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Origin = Jamaica, Ghana, Curaçao, Guyana
Genre = Pop, Disco, Dance-pop, R&B
Years_active = 1975-1985
Label = Hansa Records, Jupiter
Current_members = Precious Wilson (lead singer 1975-79)
Leslie Johnson (lead singer 1974-75) Greg Perrineau (guitar) Morgan Perrineau (bass) Gerry Williams(keyboards) Eric Kingsley (drums) Kim Davis (lead singer 1980) Jane Jochen (lead singer 1980-85)

Eruption was a popular disco / R&B / Soul band in the 1970s and 1980s.


Silent Eruption was formed in 1974 in Britain. In 1975 they won the RCA Soul Search Contest, whilst their first single "Let Me Take You Back in Time" was released in 1976. Finding their success quickly drying out, lead singer Leslie Johnson left the group, and their backing singer Precious Wilson stepped forward to front the band. They went on the road in Germany where Frank Farian, the producer of Boney M., took notice of them. After shortening the name to Eruption, Farian duly signed the group with the Germany-based Hansa Records and the band supported Boney M. on tour.

After a minor hit single with "Party Party", their cover of "I Can't Stand the Rain" from their first album (December 1977) was a big hit, reaching number five in the UK Singles Chart, and number 18 in U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It was followed by the second album "Leave a Light" towards the end of 1978 but the first single "I'll Keep a Light in My Window" was a surprising flop. Fortunately, the second single, "One Way Ticket", restored them at the top of the charts (a UK #9 hit). The song is often mistaken for a Boney M. record.

Precious Wilson left the group in 1979 to pursue a solo career and was replaced by singer Kim Davis. Although many doubted the group's longevity after Wilson's departure, the group enjoyed their 3rd German Top 10-hit with "Go Johnnie Go" from the third album "Fight Fight Fight" although this time, UK success eluded them. Shortly after, tragedy hit when Kim Davis was killed in a car accident. The band decided to continue and singer Jane Jochen stepped in. A new recording, a cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway" was released in December 1980 and peaked at #21 in the German charts. After a compilation album in the spring of 1981 and the single release of "You (You Are My Soul)" from "Fight Fight Fight", the band signed to Ralph Siegel's Jupiter Records.

By now success was drastically diminishing, and their singles from 1981-83, from their fourth album "Our Way" received little notice. After one final single "Where Do I Begin" in 1985, the group disbanded. In 1994 Farian released the CD "Eruption Gold" which actually only featured seven Eruption titles (all were remixed), the remaining 13 tracks were all Precious Wilson solo tracks.Precious Wilson continues to tour as Eruption but none of the band's original members perform in that line-up.



* 1977 "Eruption"
# "I Can't Stand The Rain"
# "Movin'"
# "I'll Take You There"
# "Computer Love"
# "The Way We Were"
# "Do You Know What It Feels Like"
# "Be Yourself"
# "I Can't Carry On"
# "Wayward Love"
# "Party, Party..."

* 1978 "Leave a Light"
# "Leave A Light (I'll Keep A Light In My Window)"
# "Sweet Side"
# "Up And Away"
# "Left Me In The Rain"
# "Valley Of The Dolls"
# "One Way Ticket"
# "Hey There Lonely Girl"
# "No Good Searching"
# "Fire Is Gone"

* 1980 "Fight Fight Fight"
# "Go Johnnie Go"
# "You"
# "Fight Fight Fight"
# "It's Alright"
# "Go Ahead"
# "We Gotta Talk About It
# "Call My Name"
# "Stand Up & Sing Halelluyah"
# "Spaced Out"
# "Come Back To Me"
# "Moonlight"
# "Heading For The Top"

* 1983 "Our Way"
# "I Can't Help Myself" / "It's The Same Old Song"
# "Joy To The World"
# "Let There Be Rock"
# "Big Bang"
# "In A Thousand Years"
# "Much Too Late"
# "Ecstasy"
# "We Don't Need Nobody"
# "Time"
# "Again And Again"

* 1994 "Gold 20 Superhits"
# "I Can't Stand The Rain" (Remix '94)
# "One Way Ticket" (Remix '94)
# "Cry To Me"
# "We Are On The Race Track"
# "Valley Of The Dolls"
# "Hold On I'm Coming"
# "Go Johnnie Go"
# "Raising To My Family"
# "I Don't Know"
# "Leave A Light"
# "The Way We Were"
# "Funky Fingers (Medley)"
# "Stay By My Side"
# "If I Loved You Less"
# "All Coloured In Love"
# "Mr. Pilot Man"
# "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday"
# "Party, Party..."
# "The Night The Music Died"
# "Together Forever"

* 1995 "I Can't Stand The Rain"
# "I Can't Stand The Rain"
# "Runaway"
# "Go Johnnie Go"
# "We Gotta Talk About It"
# "Leave A Light"
# "Good Good Feeling"
# "One Way Ticket"
# "Be Yourself"
# "Party, Party..."
# "Stand Up And Sing Hallellujah"
# "It's Alright"
# "Hey There Lonely Girl"
# "Computer Love"
# "Left Me In The Rain"
# "Fire Is Gone"
# "Come Back To Me"


* "Let Me Take You Back In Time" (1976)
* "I Can't Stand The Rain" / "Be Yourself" (1977)
* "Party Party" (1978)
* "Leave A Light" (1978)
* "One Way Ticket" / "Left Me In The Rain" (1979)
* "Sweet Side" (1979)
* "Go Johnnie Go" / "Call My Name" (1980)
* "Runaway" / "Good Good Feeling" (1980)
* "You (You Are My Soul)" (1981)
* "Up And Away" (1982)
* "In A Thousand Years" / "We Don't Need Nobody" (1983)
* "I Can't Help Myself" / "It's The Same Old Song" (1983)
* "Joy To The World" / "Time" (1983)
* "Where Do I Begin" (1984)
* "I Can't Stand The Rain '88" (1988)
* "One Way Ticket '94" (1994)


Eruption and Boney M were both featured in the 1979 German movie "Disco Fever".


* [ Eruption at ""]
* [ Eruption (Russian site)]

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