Kingdom of Haiti

Kingdom of Haiti

Infobox Former Country
native_name =
conventional_long_name = Kingdom of Haiti
common_name = Haiti|
continent = North America
region =
country = Haiti
era =
government_type = Monarchy
year_start = 1811
year_end = 1820
event_start =
date_start = March 28
event_end =
date_end = October 8
p1 = State of Haiti
flag_p1 = Civil_Flag_of_Haiti_1964.pngs1 = Republic of Haiti
flag_s1 = Flag_of_Haiti_%28civil%29.svg
image_s1 =

image_map_caption = |
capital = Cap-Haïtien
national_motto =
national_anthem =
common_languages = French, Haitian Creole
religion = Roman Catholic
currency =
leader1 = Henry I
leader2 =
leader3 =
leader4 =
year_leader1 = 1811-1820
year_leader2 =
year_leader3 =
year_leader4 =
title_leader = King

The Kingdom of Haiti was the state established by Henri Christophe on March 28, 1811 when he was proclaimed King Henry I having previously ruled as president. This was Haiti's second attempt at monarchal rule as Jean-Jacques Dessalines had previously ruled over the Haitian Empire from 1804 to 1806. King Henry never ruled over the whole of Haiti as following the assassination of Emperor Jacques the country was split with Henry ruling over the north of the country as President of the State of Haiti and Alexandre Pétion ruling as President of the Republic of Haiti in the south. As a result of the split it was only the northern part of the country which became the Kingdom of Haiti.

During his reign he buillt 6 castles, 8 palaces (including the Sans-Souci Palace and the Citadelle Laferrière fortress, built to protect the Kingdom from possible French invasions). The King also created a noble class for the Kingdom creating 4 princes, 8 dukes, 22 counts, 37 barons and 14 chevaliers.

Following a stroke and support for his rule waning Henry committed suicide on October 8, 1820 and was buried at the Citadelle Laferrière fortress. His son and heir the Prince Royal was killed 10 days later at the Sans-Souci Palace by revolutionaries. Following Henry's death the kingdom was reunited with the southern Republic of Haiti with Jean Pierre Boyer as President.


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