The RPG-27 is a man-portable disposable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by the Soviet Union from the RPG-26.

There are currently two versions of the RPG-27 available, each of similar construction, but containing a different warhead.

*RPG-27 contains a tandem-charge HEAT warhead for penetrating modern heavily armored vehicles.
*RShG-1 contains a thermobaric warhead for anti-personnel and urban warfare use.


Manufacturer specifications provided by Rosoboronexport
* Calibre: 105 mm
* Length: 1155 mm
* Weight: 8 kg
* Aiming range: 200 m
* Operating temperature: +/- 50°C
* RHA penetration (RPG-27): 750 mm after reactive armor
* Kill radius (RShG-1): 10 m

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