Turan (mythology)

Turan (mythology)

Turan was the Etruscan goddess of love and vitality and patroness of the city of Velch. In art, she was usually depicted as a young winged girl [e.g. N. H. Ramage and A. Ramage, "Roman Art", Upper Saddle River, 1996: fig. 1.39] .

She was commonly associated with egg-laying birds such as the dove, goose and swan. [de Grummond, "Etruscan Myth, Sacred History and Legend", page 85] Her retinue were called Lasas. Turan may be quite ancient but does not appear on the Piacenza liver nor in Martianus list of Etruscan deities. The Etruscan month of July was named after her, although we only know the Latin word for it, "Traneus". [de Grummond, "Etruscan Myth, Sacred History and Legend", page 86]

She was seen as the equivalent to the Roman Venus and the Greek Aphrodite. Her name is derived from the Etruscan verb "turan" "to rule". Fact|date=March 2008


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