1975 VFL season

1975 VFL season

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brownlow medalist = Gary Dempsey (AFL Foo)
Results and statistics for the Victorian Football League season of 1975.

Premiership season

In 1975, the VFL competition consisted of twelve teams of 18 on-the-field players each, plus two substitute players, known as the 19th man and the 20th man. A player could be substituted for any reason; however, once substituted, a player could not return to the field of play under any circumstances.

Teams played each other in a home-and-away season of 22 rounds; matches 12 to 22 were the "home-and-way reverse" of matches 1 to 11 (except that rounds 14 and 15 were the reverse of 4 and 3 respectively).

Once the 22 round home-and-away season had finished, the 1975 VFL "Premiers" were determined by the specific format and conventions of the "McIntyre Final Five system".

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Umpire - K. Smith


* The 1975 VFL Premiership team was North Melbourne.
* The VFL's leading goalkicker was Leigh Matthews of Hawthorn who kicked 68 goals (including one goal in the finals).
* The winner of the 1975 Brownlow Medal was Gary Dempsey of Richmond with 20 votes.
* South Melbourne took the "wooden spoon" in 1975.

Notable Events

* There is a wild brawl in the round 1 match between Hawthorn and North Melbourne involving 34 of the 36 players. Hawthorn's Don Scott and North Melbourne's Brad Smith do not participate. There were no reports from this match.
* Footscray had three new, highly talented recruits from interstate in 1975: 183cm centreman Peter Featherby from Subiaco Football Club in the West Australian Football League (WAFL), 183cm forward Ian Low from Manuka Football Club in the Canberra Australian National Football League (CANFL), and 190.5cm forward-flanker Neil Sachse from North Adelaide Football Club in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). In an accidental collision in the round 2 match against Fitzroy Neil Sachse is badly injured and is left a quadriplegic.
* Brent Crosswell plays for Carlton in round 1, he does not play for Carlton again. Carlton give him a clearance to North Melbourne and he plays his first game for North Melbourne in round 7.
* On 17 June, Hawthorn announce that they have given full-forward Peter Hudson a clearance to Glenorchy Football Club who had only played three and a half games for Hawthorn in three years,
* The second quarter of the round 14 match between Carlton and Essendon at Windy Hill lasted almost 40 minutes, with Carlton scoring 14.1 (85) to Essendon's 4.1 (25). Near the end of the quarter, a massive brawl involving all 36 players erupted when Essendon centreman Neville Fields ran past Carlton forward Craig Davis and king-hit him in retaliation for some supposed earlier act of aggression against an Essendon player. Noticing the unconscious Davis, both Rod Ashman and Rod Austin ran to remonstrate with Fields, followed by their Carlton team-mates, and the fight was on. Carlton's Phillip Pinnell knocked out Essendon's Dean Hartigan. It took a long time for the match to resume. Field umpire Ian Robinson was showered with cans by spectators. Eight players were reported. Many more players would have been reported had the umpires been able to turn their attention elsewhere (the VFL responded to this problem by introducing two field umpires in the following season). The tribunal decisions were:
** Rod Ashman of Carlton was suspended for 4 weeks, for striking Neville Fields.
** Rod Austin of Carlton was suspended for 4 weeks, for striking Neville Fields.
** Phillip Pinnell of Carlton was suspended for 2 weeks, for striking Robin Close.
** David McKay of Carlton was found guilty of striking Laurie Moloney, and severely reprimanded.
** Ron Andrews of Essendon was found not guilty of striking David McKay.
** Robin Close of Essendon was suspended for 2 weeks, for striking Phillip Pinnell.
** Laurie Moloney of Essendon was suspended for 2 weeks, for charging Phillip Pinnell.
** Neville Fields of Essendon was found not guilty of striking Rod Austin.
* At the end of the season, greatly dis-satisfied with the approach of coach Des Tuddenham (especially his emphasis on "vigour" with players who were renowned for their skill), and disturbed by the fact that, under Tuddenham, Essendon had been involved in two massive brawls in two consecutive years, the committee of the Essendon Football Club sacked Tuddenham and paid out his contract.
**Also, given the example of an injured John Nicholls in the 1973 Grand Final, and that of Tuddenham having his leg broken in the round 10 match against Richmond, Essendon now recognized the dangers of having its coach on the playing field and liable to injury.


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