Hill (surname)

Hill (surname)

Family name
name = Hill

pronunciation =
meaning = a person who lived on a hill
region =
origin = English
related names = Hyll
footnotes = [ [http://www.census.gov/genealogy/names/names_files.html 1990 Census Name Files ] ]

Hill is the surname of:
* Aaron Hill, a baseball player in Major League Baseball
* Albert Hill, British athlete and Victoria Cross recipient
* Alfred John Hill, British locomotive engineer
* A. P. Hill (Ambrose Powell Hill), General of the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War
* Andrew Hill, U.S. jazz pianist and composer
* Anita Hill, U.S. lawyer, alleged victim of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas
* Anthony Hill, Singer songwriter from Scunthorpe, appeared in NME magazine in December 2007
* Archibald Vivian Hill, Nobel laureate
* Antony Rowland Clegg-Hill, 8th Viscount Hill (b.1931-2003)
* Baron Hill of Hawkstone
* Baron Hill of Berwick of Attingham Park
* Benjamín G. Hill, Mexican revolutionary general, governor of Sonora
* Benny Hill, prolific UK comic
* Betty and Barney Hill, an American couple who claimed to be kidnapped by extraterrestrials in 1961.
* Billy Hill (boxer), a bare-knuckle boxer
* Billy Hill (gangster)
* Billy Hill (songwriter)
*Brian Hill, NBA basketball coach
*Bobby Hill (baseball player)
*Bobby Hill (King of the Hill), fictional character on the animated series "King of the Hill"
*Charles Rowland Clegg-Hill, 6th Viscount Hill (1876-1957)
*Clarence E. Hill, petitioner in the U.S. Supreme Court case of "Hill v. McDonough"
*Damon Hill, former British 1996 Formula One World Champion and son of Graham Hill
*Dana Hill, American actress and voice actor
*Daniel Harvey Hill, General of the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War
*Derek Hill, American racing driver
*Drew Hill, American Football Wide Receiver 1979–1993
*Elizabeth Hill, American freestyle swimmer
*Ernestine Hill, Australian author
*Faith Hill, American country singer
*Fanny Hill, fictional "Woman of Pleasure"
*Francis William Clegg-Hill, 5th Viscount Hill (1866-1924)
*George William Hill, U.S. mathematician and astronomer
*Graham Hill, former British Formula One double World Champion and the only winner of the "Triple Crown of Motorsport", father of Damon Hill
*Grant Hill (basketball), professional NBA basketball player
*Grant Hill (politician), Canadian politician
*Gerald Rowland Clegg-Hill, 7th Viscount Hill (1904-1974)
*Hank Hill, fictional character on the animated series "King of the Hill"
*Harry Hill, UK comedian
*Henry Hill (mobster), American mobster, and subject of the movie Goodfellas
*Hill Harper, American actor
*James J. Hill, U.S. railroad tycoon
*Jimmy Hill, Footballer and sports broadcaster
*Jimmy T. Hill, Real Estate Agent, Banker, Union Leader
*John Hill, see disambiguation page
*Jonathan "Burt" Hill, English cellist and pop star
*Jordan Hill, American singer
*Julia Butterfly Hill, tree activist and environmentalist
*Karen Hill, Canadian television writer
*Kim Hill, Christian singer
*Lauryn Hill, American hip hop singer
* Matt Hill, voice actor
* Michael Hill (stabbing survivor), holds the world record for the largest foreign object removed from a human skull
* Michael Hill (administrator), administrator of Ascension Island
* Michael G. Hill, American journalist
* Mick Hill (athlete), former British athlete
* Mick Hill (footballer), former Welsh international footballer
* Mildred and Patty Hill, writers of the song "Happy Birthday to You"
* Miranda Hill, English social reformer
*Octavia Hill, English social reformer
*Paul Hill (Guildford Four)
*Paul Andrew Raymond Clegg-Hill (b.1979) Viscount Hill heir apparent.
*Paul Jennings Hill, U.S. anti-abortion activist who murdered abortion providers
*Peter David Raymond Charles Clegg-Hill, 9th Viscount Hill (b.1945)
*Maj Ployer Peter Hill (1894-1935) USAF pilot and namesake of Hill Air Force Base
*Ralph Hill, US middle distance runner
*Phil Hill, US Formula One champion
*Reginald Hill, British crime novelist
*Sir Richard 'The Great Hill' (c.1660-c.1727) diplomat.
*Sir Richard Hill, 2nd Baronet (1733-1808) contributed significantly to landscaping of Hawkstone Park
*Rina Hill, Australian triathlete
*Robert Hill (Australian politician)
*Robert Hill (plant biochemist), also known as Robin Hill
*Rose Hill (actress), British actress who starred in the sitcom "'Allo 'Allo!"
*Rowland Hill (postal reformer), postage stamp pioneer
*Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill, successor to the Duke of Wellington 1814
*Sir Rowland Hill, 1st Baronet of Hawkstone (1705-1783) contributed significantly to development of 'Red Castle' at Hawkstone Park
*Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill (1772-1842)
*Rowland Hill, 2nd Viscount Hill (1800-1875), (4th Baronet) initiated slide to dilapidation of Hawkstone Park
*Rowland Clegg Clegg-Hill, 3rd Viscount Hill (1833-1895) slide to bankruptcy of Hawkstone Park
*Rowland Richard Clegg-Hill, 4th Viscount Hill (1863-1923) forced to sell contents and break up estate at Hawkstone Park
*Scott Hill (disambiguation)
*Terence Hill, also known as Mario Girotti, Italian actor
*Terry Hill, Australian rugby league player
*Thomas Wright Hill (17631851) inventor of the single transferable vote and father of Rowland Hill.

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* [http://www.hilldna.com/ Hill Surname DNA Project]
* Hills surname


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